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forcible indoctrination into a new set of attitudes and beliefs

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And the most frightening thing is that in this destruction, the people are not only tramped on but they are brain-washed, their spirit is stamped on as well as their ideas and opinions, values and principles that are the crucial factors that define a true democracy," Mickovski writes.
However, in the light of current perceptions of young Muslim men as brain-washed terrorists and Muslim women as downtrodden, Jacobsen's findings are important and topical.
Hafiz Imtiaz Satti had filed an application with the court that Nauman Ijaz was his friend and his uncle admitted him in a clinic for rehabilitation of drug addicts where he was being brain-washed to snatch his property.
But the case of Kasab, a Pakistani brain-washed by the Lashkar-e-Toiba, is different from that of Afzal Guru, an Indian awaiting death in the 2001 terrorist attack on Parliament.
Frank Sinatra gives his best performance as the Korean War veteran who eventually figures that when they were captured by the enemy Laurence Harvey was brain-washed and turned into an assassin.
One of the most worrying aspects of the War on Terror is that the elusive 'enemy' includes so many brain-washed and emotionally vulnerable children among its ranks.
So, getting back to my original point--being told I am brain-washed for doing something I think is responsible pet care is maddening to me.
Dr David Stevens, of Nottingham University's school of politics and international relations, suggests the widely-held view of suicide bombers as brain-washed religious fanatics, vulnerable through youth and poverty, is not accurate.
Shocking interviews with brain-washed children and bigoted GAA members showed the darker side of Irish life.
Modern America has been brain-washed into believing that (a) the police--read: government--is responsible for protecting you and (b) you shouldn't own guns because they are bad.
Commentators noted that Kerry gained support near the end (with the brain-washed public) with his more get-tough approach.
I had no illusion about the attention level of people brain-washed to triviality," Van Peebles continued.
WITH regard to the BBC's advert promoting its Freeview service, now that we have all been suitably brain-washed is there any hope of a break from the hard sell?
An unfortunate blunder, given that he speaks of a technique explicitly used to unscramble brain-washed cultists