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a group problem-solving technique in which members spontaneously share ideas and solutions

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Analysis, market feedback and lessons learned from the previous strategic plan will help formulate our view, as it gives us an opportunity to look at the areas where the association is doing well and the areas where there is room for improvement." He adds, "It's great to have so many industry leaders involved in the process, from the initial brain-storming all the way up to implementation of the results."
How much money did you make?' "Steven said 'You should write it and I'll direct it'." A series of brain-storming sessions ensued, which formed the basis and inspiration of writer Reid Carolin's final script."
Meticulous planning, high-level management engagement and technical brain-storming were the key factors in the early stages of the project.
After the Board of Trustees' meeting, Kuwait-based API organizes a brain-storming seminar on decision-making which would deal with sustainable development, poverty and food security.
The Indian government will organise a brain-storming international conference to discuss the NSTC and new trade routes to the former Soviet Union, including through China.
Other than that, the margin of freedom is expected to be wider today in a society that is opening up to new modes of thinking, to political forces that have been working in the dark for years and to an unprecedentedly diverse brain-storming national dialogue.
The discussion initially began with indepth brain-storming sessions with Gary Ingle, Gall Berenson and Phyllis Pieffer, and they continued to work closely with us throughout the process.
The quartet often have what Di Matteo describes as brain-storming sessions.
Mulvain wrote the memo following a "brain-storming" session of Foreign Office officials.
At what boardroom brain-storming session did some bright spark suddenly cry out: "Eureka!
This complex project, Al-Saadi said, was the sum of many different olutions that were brought forth ollowing a number of brain-storming sessions between experts from CGS nd Krauss Maffei during the last two ears.
This is great news, but let us put a few questions to Harrison Fraser to get their brain-storming underway: 1.
Cains, which remains true to its cause by holding board meetings at weekends in different pubs, was the subject of an online brain-storming this week by London School of Economics and Chicago University business students.
IDEAS: Walker Technology College pupils' results for brain-storming
The meetings with Abbas up till now have been brain-storming" "The main goal of the international summit is to give backing and encouragement to the process, but it is by no means a substitute for direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians", Olmert said.