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a measure of someone's weight in relation to height

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Applications of Brain-Machine Interface Systems in Stroke Recovery and Rehabilitation.
Shanechi's lab will continue developing more sophisticated brain-machine interface architectures with principled algorithmic designs and use them to construct high-performance prosthetics.
Scientists working on these so-called brain-machine interfaces have demonstrated that brain activity can be harnessed to control computer cursors or robotic arms, and Moritz and other researchers have recently used brain impulses to control artificial stimulation of paralyzed muscles in the arms or legs.
According to the report, Itskov has mapped out several key steps to be a cyborg, with the first step, called Avatar A, which is due in 2020, involving a person controlling a robotic human replica via a brain-machine interface (BMI), a technology that already exists today.
The brain-machine interface that allowed Hutchinson to direct a robotic arm (right) with her thoughts, called BrainGate, was created by building upon decades of studies.
Researchers at Brown University, Massachusetts General Hospital, and other institutions recently demonstrated that paralyzed individuals can use a brain-machine interface to move a robotic arm.
Last week, the company signed a non-discloser agreement with the University of Houston so that serious discussions can begin on a possible collaboration with researchers there who are working on an external brain-machine interface that could allow users to manipulate an advanced Rex Bionics robotic exoskeleton using their thoughts alone.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Medical researchers created a new minimally invasive brain-machine interface, giving people with spinal cord injuries new hope to walk again with the power of thought.
Although Fetz didn't realize it at the time, he had created the first brain-machine interface.
Nurmikko is presenting their work this week at the 2013 International Workshop on Clinical Brain-Machine Interface Systems in Houston.
Our study shows for the first time that performance of a brain-machine interface can be significantly improved with the addition of kinesthetic and tactile sensation to help guide the device's movement.
His hope is to develop a brain-machine interface device that lasts up to 10 years, making it a practical choice to implant one in the brain of a motor-impaired patient.
The professor and his students are working on an external brain-machine interface capable of translating thoughts into robotic movement.
This is the first demonstration of a shared brain-machine interface, a paradigm that has been translated successfully over the past decades from studies in animals all the way to clinical applications," said Miguel Nicolelis, M.
I will investigate, in both animal models and patients, a novel rehabilitation technique that consists of a brain-machine interface (BMI) that activates the paralyzed muscles electrically, driven by the subject s own movement commands.