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forcible indoctrination into a new set of attitudes and beliefs

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She called on French people, in particular and Europeans in general, to think away from what the foreign hostile media depicts the situation in Syria, and recognize the fact that they were deceived by false information that prevented them from thinking correctly asserting that they may have been exposed to brain washing processes.
Scots must do what is best for Scotland, and brain washing aside that is undoubtedly to vote Yes.
PESHAWAR -- Miranshah, headquarters of North Waziristan Agency was virtually under the control of the terrorists before launching of operation Zarb e Azb, the security forces unearthed scores of training camps of the suicide bombers, torture cells, explosive manufacturing factories, seized brain washing literature, and tons of explosive materials.
Takfeerists must also be fought on the ideological level by rooting out the very source of their thinking by prosecuting imams engaged in brain washing of the youth at the level of local mosques, Mousawi added.
"He [Wade] lived with the brain washing by a sexual predator until the burden of it all crushed him."
The interviewed repentant revealed that he has found strong role played by some Hothis (an extremist religious group in Yemen) who helped his fleeing away from Saudi Arabia and provided him with accommodation, training and brain washing.