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Synonyms for seizure

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Synonyms for seizure

the act of catching, especially a sudden taking and holding

the act of taking something for oneself

a seizing and holding by law

the act of taking quick and forcible possession of

a sudden and often acute manifestation of a disease

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Synonyms for seizure

a sudden occurrence (or recurrence) of a disease

the act of taking of a person by force

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After suffering a brain seizure while on holiday in San Francisco in 1996, Tom's body was unable to tolerate the drugs medics wanted to use.
ATTITUDE Langfield revealed that his attitude and approach to the game have changed since suffering a life-threatening brain seizure and undergoing surgery last year - and he insists his team-mates have played a major role in helping him find his feet again.
A SHOP worker who suffered a brain seizure after being stabbed with a syringe, sits up in bed after making a miracle recovery.
O'Donnell was pronounced dead of a brain seizure at 5.18pm at Wishaw General Hospital.
The three-year-old is unable to walk, talk or sit up on his own after suffering a hypoglycaemic brain seizure.
The 33-year-old's brush with death following a brain seizure last summer was no joking matter.
Jahanzaib, originally from Sialkot in Pakistan, collapsed with a suspected brain seizure after he and a workmate confronted the raider who tried to flee with the shop's takings shortly before 10pm on Saturday.
MOTHERWELL star Phil O'Donnell died yesterday after suffering a brain seizure during a match.
He had been transferred from his secure unit after suffering a suspected brain seizure on Monday.
The deadly drug wreaks havoc on the body and the effects can include heart irregularities, blood pressure rises, possibility of a brain seizure, strokes, convulsions and heart attack.
Ryan was only 8 hours old when his body began to convulse from his first brain seizure. Over the next few months doctors gave him a variety of anticonvulsant drugs, but his tiny brain continued to churn out seizures at the rate of 15 to 20 per day.
Jahanzaib Butt suffered a suspected brain seizure after he and a colleague tackled a violent thug who was trying to rob his Spar shop in James Street, central Dublin.
MOORS murderer Ian Brady was last night under armed police guard in hospital after suffering a brain seizure.
MOTHERWELL captain Phil O'Donnell has died after suffering a brain seizure during yesterday's SPL clash with Dundee United.
Brady, 74, broke two backbones in a fall caused by a suspected brain seizure.