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(23) However, other neurological diseases should be considered in this differential diagnosis, for instance neurocysticercosis, (24) brain neoplasms, (25) viral encephalitis, (26) and vascular psychosis.
Brain neoplasms are divided into primary and metastatic tumors, each accounting for about half of all brain tumors (27).
Authors' response to: the case of acoustic neuroma: comment on mobile phone use and risk of brain neoplasms and other cancers.
This disease has unpredictable presentations and clinical course, and it can be commonly misdiagnosed as encephalitis, cerebral infarction, or brain neoplasms, which can result in a delay or mistreatment of disease.
Central neurocytoma is a primary WHO grade II neoplasm of the central nervous system (CNS) with an incidence of 0.1% to 0.5% of all primary brain neoplasms. (3,4)
Whereas patients with brain neoplasms characteristically have focal neurologic disturbances, it was well recognized before neuroimaging became available that some intracranial space-occupying lesions manifest with neurobehavioral or psychiatric features (15,16).
Neurobehavioral presentations of brain neoplasms. West J Med.
UPH is the main referral center for pediatric brain neoplasms in Puerto Rico.