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Under 10% chloral hydrate anesthesia, rats were irradiated in brain hemisphere (right side: n = 6; left side: n = 6) with a highly collimated 6 MV photon beam from a linear accelerator (Primus-M, Siemens, Germany) with a single dose of approximately 30 Gy.
Experiments based on the lesion-deficit analysis method were conducted on epileptic patients who had undergone surgery to completely sever the corpus callosum, the broad plate of dense fibers that connects the two brain hemispheres, in a drastic attempt to control their seizures.
One of the theories which can explain these phenomena is the functional asymmetry of the brain hemispheres. Ninety five percent of people have the left hemispheric dominance that is responsible for reading, speech, logic, noticing details.
Synopsis: Once, philosophers like Plato and Kierkegaard combined narratives and logical arguments to engage both brain hemispheres, creating a kind of 'Gesamtphilosophy.' Nowadays, philosophers mostly communicate with their left hemisphere.
They show that connections between distant brain regions, between brain hemispheres, and between processing modules lose fewer nerve fibers during brain maturation than expected.
This stimulates interaction between the two brain hemispheres.
Neurologists have discovered that ADHD, dyslexia, autism, Asperger's syndrome, Torette's syndrome, obsessive-compulsive disorder, oppositional-defiant disorder, and many other learning disabilities all have the same underlying cause--Functional Disconnection Syndrome which is the imbalanced development of the two brain hemispheres (Melillo, 2009).
The neuroradiological findings of posterior leukoencephalopathy syndrome typically include high-signal changes at the cortical and subcortical levels in the parietal and occipital lobes in the posterior areas of the brain hemispheres. In addition, the frontal and temporal lobe, basal ganglia and cerebellum may also be involved (1,2).
Another assumption is that the spine acts as circuit breakers & would misalign as a result of emotional triggers, nutritional deficiencies, presence of toxins in body and breakdown in the communication between brain hemispheres.
We observed the positive correlation between expression of lymphocyte lineage marker CD3 (Kendall Tau = -0,62; P = 0.0004) (Figure 4(a)) as well as monocyte/macrophage lineage marker F4/80 (Kendall Tau = -0,56; P = 0.0007) (Figure 4(b)) and the severity of neurodegeneration in ET-1 injected brain hemispheres.
In each of the four cognitive evaluations, patients with bilateral carotid stenosis showed significant impairments, compared with the controls, in both brain hemispheres. In comparison, the patients with unilateral stenosis showed significant impairments only in the brain hemisphere directly connected to their stenotic carotid artery.
Women tend to use both brain hemispheres more equally than men.
He does not expect his anthropomorphic descriptions of the brain hemispheres as actors, 'usurping', 'seeing', having drives, being in conflict etc., to be taken literally.
He argues that deception, which occurs even between our brain hemispheres, is closely tied to group conflict, courtship, neurophysiology and immunology, but can be overridden by awareness of it and its consequences.
His special interest is cognitive neuroscience, and his empirical research has focused on the interaction of left and right brain hemispheres. Recent publications include studies on the behavioral impact of agenesis of the corpus callosum (i.e., congenital absence of the "bridge" between the hemispheres) and gender differences in the time to transfer electrical impulses between hemispheres, as measured by electroencephalography.