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Based on the paired t -test (within groups) results, there were significant differences in the brain hemisphere treated with irradiation between preradiation period and all the time points in the postradiation period.
In the primary type, a potential insult occurs in an early pregnancy, causing a development of an entire brain hemisphere to slow down.
The functions that are controlled by the slower brain hemisphere will be weak, while the functions controlled by the other hemisphere will be normal or even above average.
In comparison, the patients with unilateral stenosis showed significant impairments only in the brain hemisphere directly connected to their stenotic carotid artery.
People tend to direct energy toward either peace or conflict, and this push toward one or the other depends on which brain hemisphere is dominant, Olson notes.
Through MRI tracking they found that the primary injected and tagged cells persisted in that brain hemisphere for more than four months.
When we employ mindfulness, these practices engage our right brain hemisphere, which is associated with increased activity in the prefrontal cortex, specifically the area associated with feeling happy.
They also discuss the clinical implications of ocular dominance, which cannot be reliably predicted from hand or brain hemisphere dominance.
12) The amygdala actually consists of two sets of nuclei (clusters of cell bodies)--one set in each brain hemisphere.
Findability usually comes down to two approaches, depending on our favored brain hemisphere.
The involvement of the nondominant brain hemisphere is associated with atypical signs and symptoms (5).
An image on the left side of the screen,for instance, would normally be processed in the right brain hemisphere,and vice versa.
An image on the left side of the screen, for instance, would normally be processed in the right brain hemisphere, and vice versa.
Most process-oriented parapsychological research has focused on examining the relationship between personality variables and ESP, with little research examining the relationship between the human brain and psi, specifically brain hemisphere differences and ESP.
What modern brain science is telling us and what brain-based educators fail to appreciate is that it makes no scientific sense to map gross, unanalyzed behaviors and skills reading, arithmetic, spatial reasoning onto one brain hemisphere or another.