cerebral hemorrhage

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bleeding from a ruptured blood vessel in the brain

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Researchers found that people who took antiplatelet medicines experienced fewer recurrences of brain haemorrhage compared with those who did not take these treatments.
At the hospital, the woman, a permanent resident of Cyprus, was diagnosed with a brain haemorrhage after being taken to Larnaca general hospital, and admitted to the ICU.
"Sir Alex underwent emergency surgery for a brain haemorrhage. Manchester United confirmed that the procedure went very well but he will require a period of intensive care to optimise his recovery."
In a statement on Saturday, Manchester United said: "Sir Alex Ferguson has undergone surgery today for a brain haemorrhage. The procedure has gone very well but he needs a period of intensive care to aid his recovery.
EMERGENCY SURGERY Former United boss Sir Alex Ferguson underwent an operation for a brain haemorrhage last night
The legendary Manchester United boss had the life-saving operation yesterday which the Old Trafford club said had "gone very well.'' A statement from United said: "Sir "Alex Ferguson has undergone emergency surgery today for a brain haemorrhage.
LAHORE -- Sargodha-based cleric Pir Hameeduddin Sialvi, who suffered from brain haemorrhage last week, is 'recovering well' at a private hospital in Lahore.
A three-year-old boy is currently lying in Hospital Serdang suffering from a brain haemorrhage, two days after he fell victim to a hit-and-run in Serdang Jaya.
She was around 28 years old and she was brought to PIMS in critical condition after she probably suffered brain haemorrhage. She was admitted in Intensive Care Unit where she breathed her last.
A PENSIONER whose wife collapsed and died of a brain haemorrhage has praised the work of ambulance and hospital staff who tried to save her.
A PENSIONER from the Black Country who suffered a head injury after falling at his home later died of a brain haemorrhage.
As well as cancer treatments, Sulforadex could also be used to treat brain haemorrhage and multiple sclerosis.