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depletion or loss of intellectual and technical personnel

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The idea, he said, was based on brain gain and earlier, the previous regimes did not pay heed to use this resourceful segment of the country, which resulted into brain drain, he added.
It will have a brain gain of 333 percent and youth population gain of 222 percent.
"It's the opposite of the brain drain, this is a brain gain."
At the center of that effort is the "Israel Brain Gain" program, a joint venture by the Innovation Authority, Council for Higher Education and the Absorption and Finance Ministries.
The argument was that the brain drain led to the brain gain. With the emigration of African scholars into the Western hemisphere, there merged centres of African studies.
130 was issued that revived the brain gain program under the supervision of the DOST.
'Whereas brain drain literature argues that emigration leads to the loss of a poor country's human capital stock, brain gain literature postulates that the departure of high-skilled migrants may actually lead to an increase in the human capital levels,' the report said.
Gitahi says KACC has over the years celebrated "brain gain" in its social remittances.
Mr Houchen supports three main 'brain gain' policies that aim to spark a 'digital revolution' across Teesside.
At the same time, Ambassador Brown stressed the need for the proper governing of labor migration to ensure that human resource investment constitutes brain gain and not brain drain.
"Its external openness has declined as reflected in decreasing brain gain attractiveness, as has its internal openness to people from less privileged backgrounds as well as women," he said.
Mobility of skilled labor in transition economies: The perspectives from brain-drain, brain-waist, brain circulation and brain gain. Journal of International Cooperation Studies, 18(1), 71-84.
Instead, we focus upon to what extent the presence of foreign universities leads to a brain drain or a brain gain. Our model is closest in construction--but not in topic--to Moldovanu and Sela (2001).
Openness has two dimensions: external openness which involves business attraction and people attraction (brain gain and brain drain), while internal openness is focused on removing barriers to entering the talent pool for groups such as those from underprivileged backgrounds (social mobility).