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depletion or loss of intellectual and technical personnel

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Such diasporas could play their role in reversing and preventing the brain drain by converting it into brain gain through brain circulation.
Modi said that India has made the transformation from a country worried about its brain drain to a country that thinks of brain gain.
Gallup created three indexes -- the Potential Net Migration Index, Potential Net Brain Gain Index and Potential Net Youth Migration Index -- to gauge the likely changes to the population if people who say they would like to migrate permanently actually move where they want.
Parsons' visit was part of the organization's summer program, Summer Brain Gain.
Last week I received yet another email from Israel's National Brain Gain Program, the government initiative devoted to reversing what has been coined in Hebrew brichat hamochotliterally, the escape of the brains.
companies are missing a pivotal opportunity to reap the benefits of the brain gain that the U.
t]) by applying the brain gain elasticity estimated in their parsimonious specification:
What does the brain gain from this territorial arrangement?
Subsequent analyses address talent flow theories (brain drain, brain gain, and brain circulation) and the perspectives of entrepreneurship, environmental factors, and strategy and performance.
The results of the current study converge with prior research on the emigration of skilled labor, the negative effects of the brain drain on developing countries, the development and spatial distribution of the brain drain, and the potential brain gain associated with return migration.
The Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation that seeks to prevent brain drain and foster brain gain in countries of transition through exchanges in medicine, communications, science and the arts.
To reenergize, to strike lightning on your city's GDP growth, its brain gain, its quality job creation, its vitality, and its future prosperity, don't expect national answers.
Within the next few years, we aim to staff our research institutes and labs with Qatari and Arab expatriate scientists as part of our commitment to reversing the trend from brain drain to brain gain," Soud said.
The hospital's director general Abdul Hadi Breizat told Petra that the doctors' demands were fair, adding that the long proposed system would bring brain gain as it raises a doctor's income and ensures job security, "which ultimately would have an impact on quality service to patients.