brain edema

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swelling of the brain due to the uptake of water in the neuropile and white matter

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The inability of endothelial microvascular beds, known as BBB disruption, develops brain edema during acute ischemic stroke.
23) reported brain edema in seven (35%) cases, pulmonary edema in eight (11.
Since brain edema might affect the accuracy of contusion estimation, the corrected infarct volume was calculated.
Additionally, the report provides an overview of key players involved in therapeutic development for Brain Edema and features dormant and discontinued projects.
In particular, it has been established that oxidative stress plays an important role in SBI after ICH, which leads to irreversible disruption of the components of the neurovascular unit, constituting gray and white matter, and is followed by blood brain barrier disruption and deadly brain edema with massive brain cell death [5].
Cranial computerized tomography revealed a large area of hematoma in the right parietotemporal region, subfalcine herniation and advanced brain edema (Figure 1).
Neuroimaging shows presence of bilateral and symmetric brain edema, typically seen as hypodense areasmainly in subcortical regions of occipital and parietal lobes.
However, we were informed this morning she has been diagnosed with brain edema.
Medical treatment in the form of steroids is the emergency treatment because it reduces brain edema.
Background: Brain edema induced by radiotherapy is a common complication in patients with brain tumors, for which medical treatment is the treatment of choice.
In abnormal situations, especially in those associated with brain edema where the upregulation of AQP4 in astrocytes is an important mechanism, there is a redistribution of AQP4 accompanied by a loss of its polarized expression pattern.
Imaging experimental cerebral malaria in vivo: significant role of ischemic brain edema.
During the first bapineuzumab study, its upper dosing range was limited by the occurrence of brain edema, and sometimes microhem-orrhages, associated with higher doses, the authors said.
The cerebral index is able to respond to the case of the brain edema to a certain extent (Li et al.