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Synonyms for brain

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Synonyms for brain

the seat of the faculty of intelligence and reason

the faculty of thinking, reasoning, and acquiring and applying knowledge

a person of great mental ability

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Synonyms for brain

someone who has exceptional intellectual ability and originality

the brain of certain animals used as meat

hit on the head

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kill by smashing someone's skull

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This function may be lost in brain diseases such as Parkinson's, leading to the widespread death of neurons.
In Sunday's Alan Shearer TV documentary on football and dementia, he admitted he did not know how many PFA members were suffering from brain disease.
In vivo imaging studies in humans and animal models will continue to provide an evolving picture of the course of alcoholic brain disease through remissions and exacerbations as long-term studies follow human alcoholics as they age and as new initiatives evaluate adolescents before they are exposed to alcohol.
Now the specialist is hoping he can raise more cash to help continue to unlock the science behind childhood brain diseases including meningitis, epilepsy and mitochondrial diseases, like in Ryan's case.
World-leading researchers in the region have issued a PS300,000 fundraising plea as they look to develop pioneering treatments for childhood brain diseases in the North.
The HBP began in October 2013 with the aim of creating the world's largest experimental facility for ground-breaking research into the structure and functions of the human brain; the causes, diagnosis and treatment of brain diseases; and the development of new computing technologies such as low energy, brain-like computing systems.
Scientists said that retinal thinning is a clear indication of the onset of the brain diseases like Alzheimer's and dementia.
The researchers had previously shown that more than 100 childhood and adult brain diseases are caused by gene mutations.
1997: Scientists confirm brain diseases link British scientists have said they have established a link between a human brain disease and one found in cows.
Bazan, a neuroscientist who established and now heads the LSU Neuroscience Center of Excellence, roots his first novel in his own personal experiences of moving from Argentina to New Orleans, researching brain diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, and cultivating a love of jazz music and a knowledge of the colorful musicians who spread its sound throughout the world.
The use of biomarkers with brain diseases is challenged by the blood-brain barrier and by the brain being protected within the skull.
23 September 2010 - Danish pharmaceutical company H Lundbeck AS (CPH: LUN) announced yesterday it is implementing a new research and development (R&D) strategy in order to launch new drugs mainly for the treatment of brain diseases.
Mr Makram believes his research could bring hope for the two billion people globally who suffer from brain diseases.