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injury to the brain that impairs its functions (especially permanently)

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Results reflects significant difference among three groups on total score at bender gestalt, F (2, 87) =101.82, p<.001; and for configuration scores, F (2, 87) =53.09, p<.001, with higher means associated with brain damaged individuals, and the lowest mean scores produced by normal individuals.
Results of the present study are very close to the Pascal and Suttell (1951) description that the Bender protocols of brain damaged are more impaired as compared to psychotics and psychotics obtained a high score as compared to neurotics and neurotic obtained a high score as compared to normals.
The event has been organised by city-based Entrust Care, formerly known as the Association for Brain Damaged Children and Young Adults, and will take place at the Standard Club in Tile Hill Lane on Friday, March 31.
Doctors won the legal right last October not to resuscitate 17-month-old Charlotte Wyatt, from Portsmouth, after arguing that she was brain damaged and 'had no feeling other than continuing pain'.
A man left severely brain damaged after a drink-driver collided head-on with his car was awarded pounds 825,000 in compensation.
The two-year-old, born with the cord around his necK, was brain damaged at birth.
AN 11-YEAR-OLD boy, who was left severely brain damaged by a series of hospital medical blunders when he was a baby, has died.
Oscar-winning actor Sir Anthony Hopkins has revealed his mother once thought he was brain damaged because he was a poor student.
Brian Goldie's victim, 26-year-old Thomas Logan, of Airdrie, Lanarkshire, is now permanently brain damaged.
A teenage boy who was left severely brain damaged following a medical blunder at a Birmingham hospital has been awarded pounds 2.5 million in damages.
Hospital chiefs have ordered a probe after babies were born dead or brain damaged.
Kirsty Sargent leapt out of a plane to raise PS1,000 for the Crosland Moor-based Brain Damaged Children's Charity.
FUNDRAISER: John Leape (left) whose dad, also called John (right) was left brain damaged after an assault
A 13-YEAR-OLD brain damaged twin who allegedly contracted salmonella from his mother during pregnancy has won a pounds 1.5 million settlement in the High Court.
Rowan was left severely brain damaged aged two in 1997 when she fell into a garden pond while being looked after by a nanny.