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a company that does research for hire and issues reports on the implications

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"They will be introduced to the full concept next week [October 24] at the official launch at the Radisson Royal Hotel [in Dubai], this will be their chance to experience the new concept first hand from the Brain Box room to the Brain Food," he explains.
The second is the Brain Box: a breakout room for participating hotels designed to elevate efficiency and to stimulate creativity.
Not even class brain box David 'Three Jobs' Laws, resurrected after a scandal over his expenses, and now licensed to meddle in education, cabinet policy and coalition forward planning, can save the day for a leader staring into the abyss of political oblivion.
An appearance on Newsnight has left her with the belief she's a brain box.
On this occasion, the Kund Park was packed with visiting families whereas; the TCKP, Brain Box and Kund Park management had set up numerous stalls of food items, clothing and other items.
The Chase (ITV1, 6.15pm) This increasingly popular game show plays host to a gaggle of celebrities tonight as Sue Cleaver, John Thompson, Paul Ross and brain box Carol Vorderman pit their wits against The Chaser to try and win some cash for their individual charities.
In reference to Paul Lay's remarks on Robert Bartlett's recent television series, The Normans ('Brain Box', November 2010), I was surprised by the professor's comments about the Norman settlement in the Celtic nations, especially in his remarks about Ireland, claiming that the Normans never interbred with the native Irish and treated them as barbarians and that therefore the origin of the troubles of today result from the Norman conquest of Ireland.
Keep high pressure water horses away from the crane's power distribution box and terminal box (commonly known the brain box).
The studious schoolgirl, described by neighbours as a "little brain box", suffered a single shot to the head in the lounge of her family home in Gorton, Manchester, at about 7.30pm on Monday.
It will never tell you who is a brain box and who isn't.
The exclusive Brain Box includes fault indicators for numerous safety functions, monitors voltage and current draw, and warns of improper grounding.
I saw a T-rex skull up close at a museum and the brain box is substantially larger than a walnut.
A learning game called Brain Box was developed by the authors and used for over fifteen years with middle and high school students as a way to promote automaticity in a high-interest, light-hearted, and systematic way.
It provides links to games, advice, net-mom picks, brain box TV, and much more.
Remove the vehicle's brain box and deflate its tyres.