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a company that does research for hire and issues reports on the implications

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We have now brought all these existing service elements under one umbrella and added unique and new elements," he continues, adding that the group wanted to 'breathe some life back into meetings', hence the new Brain Box room.
I saw a T-rex skull up close at a museum and the brain box is substantially larger than a walnut.
A learning game called Brain Box was developed by the authors and used for over fifteen years with middle and high school students as a way to promote automaticity in a high-interest, light-hearted, and systematic way.
It provides links to games, advice, net-mom picks, brain box TV, and much more.
Best known for: Following Carol Vorderman as Countdown's resident brain box Early life: Rachel Annabelle Riley was born in Rochford, Essex, on January 11, 1986.
Years ago, you were a definite brain box if you went to university.
And sixth place went to brain box quiz University Challenge, currently hosted by Jeremy Paxman.
Friendly TV on channel 908 runs a computer game called Brain Box where viewers have to text in at 50p a time.
Aware of the importance of time she says she doesn't put anything off and this is represented by the presence of a clock in her own Brain Box exhibit.
45pm) In the hunt for Britain's best brain box, Clare Balding -she seems to be everywhere at present - is at the helm in aim to finding the brightest spark of the country.
BIOLOGICAL science graduate Sarah Jones may spend the day in a medical research laboratory but she's proved she's more than just a brain box - by posing on the front cover of Company magazine.
Image: Brain box Scot Best known for: The Andrew Marr Show on BBC One each Sunday Early life: Marr was born on 31 July 1959, in Glasgow and attended Dundee High School, Craigflower School in Fife, and Loretto School, an independent boarding school in Musselburgh.
When Carol Vorderman first joined Richard Whiteley in the first-ever programme broadcast on Channel 4, she was just an unknown brunette brain box with bad hair.
BEN, aged 25, is a bit of a brain box, and has a Double First BA Degree in Natural Sciences, from Cambridge.
Called Brain Box, the exhibition - at Hartlepool Art Gallery in Church Square until Saturday, June 8 - features more than 40 pieces of art created by North-east people with Parkinson's.