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Synonyms for Braille

French educator who lost his sight at the age of three and who invented a system of writing and printing for sightless people (1809-1852)

a point system of writing in which patterns of raised dots represent letters and numerals

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transcribe in braille

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Her mum Evanna said the Fivemiletown Primary School pupil has never let it hold her back, but she's hoping the brailler will help grow her confidence.
The SMART Brailler, launched in 2012, operates similarly to a word processor with a text-to-speech function.
Leo, who attends Trelales Primary School in Bridgend, has become the first pupil in Wales to use the high-tech Cosmo Electronic Brailler, which is a vast improvement on a traditional brailler.
<B Leo Burgess is the first pupil in Wales to use the high-tech Cosmo Electronic Brailler
- 1,000 perkins brailler machines have been sold across the UAE.
Kibbe recalls former ONC director David Brailler, M.D., saying in 2004 that he was going to work on interoperability of health-related applications and services within the federal government.
21 March 2008: Hans Dietrich Buder, Hannah Catherine Craddock, Catherine Leigh Daniel, Jonathan Ashbrook Detzel, Tyler Dahlin Evans, Nathan Samuel Freiman, Carrie Michelle Gantt, Joseph Owen Gehrett, III, Nathaniel Zachary Goodman, David Andrew Graham, Joshua David Hager, Kerrigan Ashe Hanna, Alexandra Mallory Jones, Paul Conrad Lauerman, Claire Helen Lauterbach, Jay Samuel Levin, Peter Brailler Lorimer, Katherine C.
The accommodations requested included Braille, readers, audio and digital recording, assistive technology (AT) (e.g., a Closed Circuit Tv, a Braille Note) and adaptive computer equipment (e.g., ZoomText, an Alva Brailler) and training in the use of the AT.
Brailler is the federal government's point person charged with spurring adoption of health information systems.
Your disability-related equipment might include a wheelchair or other mobility aid, a brailler or text-to-speech reader, or a TDD.
Please list by category of disability what technology (e.g., voice text, kurzweil reader, brailler, etc.) you provide.
The resource base is crucial to Roy's exam progress as they translate his textbooks and study aids into braille and Roy uses a brailler, a typewriter like machine that writes in braille so he can read it back.
Both the above mentioned braille programs include a method of writing braille, using either a slate and stylus and/or the Perkins Brailler (see table).
While Rebeka is an avid Braille reader, she is unable to use a Brailler for writing because of her motor difficulties.
The Marathon Brailler outputs 200 characters per second for $12,995.