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Synonyms for Braille

French educator who lost his sight at the age of three and who invented a system of writing and printing for sightless people (1809-1852)

a point system of writing in which patterns of raised dots represent letters and numerals

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transcribe in braille

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A GSM modem, a microcontroller, a Braille keypad and a Braille Cell display would suffice.
As there are 6 dots in a Braille cell the number of different patterns or characters (NUMBRL codes) that can be generated in a cell by embossing a subset of 6 dots at a time is 26 or 64.
Pushing various combinations of keys on the Braille writer produces the dots in the Braille cell. Ordinary personal computers can convert print text to Braille with the help of Braille embossing devices and a special computer program.
Telletouch - a portable device with both typewriting and braille keyboards on one side and a braille cell on the back.
Use of the large manipulatable braille cell during classes gave participants a jump start on learning the braille alphabet, while the hands-on demonstration of writing braille dispelled the mysteries related to the practicality of braille.
To ensure comparability, we used the same braille cells in the passages with and without context for an evidence-based comparison.
In each trial, the reading finger was placed in contact with the surface to the left of the first braille cell of the sentence.
While Sarah and I looked at these words and others on braille word cards, we discussed word cues (unique distinctions of individual words, such as the characters in the words appearing tall, clumpy, spaced apart, or at the top or bottom of the braille cell).
The most frequent formatting errors were the incorrect placement of unnumbered, unlettered directions (n = 23) in either the first or third braille cell, incorrectly beginning numbered exercises in the third or fifth braille cell (n = 16), and incorrectly placing runovers of numbered exercises in the first or fifth braille cell (n = 21).
Millar (1987) Greater accuracy N = 18 (2) 2.03 .25 when the finger is oriented to a braille cell in the standard manner.
* use a model to demonstrate the structure of the braille cell and the way that characters are formed;
To use a simple example, the computer sends a symbol, such as the letter "a," to the embosser, which must convert that symbol into its corresponding braille character; in this case, "dot 1" of a typical six-dot braille cell.
In my classes, I learned about the braille cell and was absolutely amazed!
The instruction included a sequential progression from enlarged to regular braille with the introduction of frequently occurring braille single-character word signs for the early reading of meaningful sentences, a carefully controlled vocabulary, and a gradual buildup of the number of dots in the braille cell to maximize differences in the density of dots between letters in words (Tobin, 1988).
Although the method I used wasn't widely practiced at the time, I taught every one of my students who were blind to sign their names in block writing, using the braille cell as a guide to making each letter.