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Synonyms for Braille

French educator who lost his sight at the age of three and who invented a system of writing and printing for sightless people (1809-1852)

a point system of writing in which patterns of raised dots represent letters and numerals

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transcribe in braille

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In this project using Braille system 3 x 3 matrix configuration
"The Braille system can seem difficult when in fact it only requires concentration and practice.
The Braille system was invented in the nineteenth century by Louis Braille, based on a secret military code of communication invented by Charles Barbier (Lafuente, 2007).
It also included some competitive games, creating handicrafts and writing using the braille system.
KUWAIT, Jan 3 (KUNA) -- Kuwait on Monday will join the world in celebrating the World Braille Day to commemorate Braille system's role in spreading knowledge among visually-impaired people.
As their affinity with their chosen instrument mushroomed, Alongkot introduced a braille system for the students to learn to read classical music.
The delegation was impressed by created opportunities for visitors with disabilities, in particular, computer-based Braille System; carried out work on conservation of cultural heritage and unique rare books from the library's collection.
This year the theme of RNIB Read is the marvellous braille system which uses a series of raised dots to enable blind people to read.
Eleanor learned to read and write using the Braille system and because of this, she was able to read a lot of books, mostly textbooks, translated to braille.
The distance between two adjacent dots in a cell is kept uniform (2.4 mm) while the horizontal and vertical distances between two corresponding dots in adjacent cells are set unequal (6.8 mm and 10.1 mm respectively) as usually found in the traditional Braille system. In our experiment, we have used an Automatic Braille Embosser (BPRT) developed by Webel Mediatronics Limited.
Students receive either cassettes with lessons or studies printed in the Braille system.
This first step is quite within the power of the Canadian Free Library for the Blind and I am willing and anxious to personally superintend the teaching of the Braille system of tangible reading and writing to blinded soldiers.
Today with the help of Zaiba Appa Institute of Inclusive Education, Bijbehara, she along with others, government school dropouts, are now pursuing their education with the help of Braille system and computer education with Jaws software facility.
In college, Heji learnt the Braille system in to further her studies.
The blind can now play the games, thanks to a blind Jordanian who devised the games using Braille system.