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Synonyms for Braille

French educator who lost his sight at the age of three and who invented a system of writing and printing for sightless people (1809-1852)

a point system of writing in which patterns of raised dots represent letters and numerals

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transcribe in braille

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The amount covers the cost of four Braille displays and four Braille printer sets, including Braille papers, software and repair kits.
Advisor to Prime Minister on National History and Literary Heritage (NH and LH), Irfan Siddiqui officially inaugurated the Braille Book Corner and interacted with the visually impaired students from Al-Maktoum Special Education Center for Visually Handicapped Children during book reading session.
For nearly 200 years, braille code has enabled people with vision impairments around the world to get an education and this Braille Book Corner is an effort to make a variety of books accessible to the visually impaired students," he commented.
When the EU stepped forward last decade to order mandatory braille packaging on a host of products, including drugs, there was a flurry of activity throughout the pharma supply chain in the U.
The Braille Challenge is a hallmark program for Braille Institute and our donors as it focuses on braille literacy, while supporting children with vision loss in communities across the country and in Canada to strengthen their academic skills and develop life-long friendships," said Peter Mindnich, President, Braille Institute.
Braille is writing system which enables blind and partially sighted people to read through touch.
Teachers reported that although 35% of their students were reading below grade level in print, 57% were reading below grade level in braille (Lusk & Corn, 2006).
MTM procure Braille production in the three areas on which tenders may be submitted individually Subdivision .
As part of this, it's important that blind users can integrate Braille usage into their computer access.
But they get help from the Department of Education (DepEd) through Philippine Printing House for the Blind (PPHB), the only government technical office that produces and distributes Braille books and other
As part of its corporate social responsibility initiatives and continuous support for the blind in Oman, yesterday, PDO donated 10 Braille Sense Notetakers, which are special computerised devices with Braille keyboards, sound recorders, Internet access, and other features.
New Delhi -- A 29-year-old Indian inventor won $50,000 to help him make a new low-cost mobile phone for the blind that uses a Braille display.
Technological Resources Applicable to the Reading and Transcription of Braille Musical Scores
Riyadh: A charitable organisation in Saudi Arabia has announced an initiative to distribute braille versions of the Quran to blind people in the country and around the world.