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German composer who developed the romantic style of both lyrical and classical music (1833-1897)

the music of Brahms

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The approximations are all acceptable according to Weber's Law; but, as in Rinaldo, in each case Brahms could have created exact ratios with small adjustments of the metronome marks.
Brahms himself shed some light on the matter in a little-known interview that took place about four months before he died.
Al permitirle a esta que se exprese, Brahms alcanza una radiante plenitud.
Y es justo en estas sonatas que las de Brahms no tienen parangon.
Paul Berry's book puts forward two enticing propositions relating to works by Johannes Brahms.
She's even more taken aback when the parents leave a couple of days later, going on holiday and abandoning Brahms in her care, but she takes it well enough.
This trio by Brahms is one of the most beloved horn pieces in the chamber repertoire, perhaps in all music including horn.
In talking about the Brahms piano concerto, I asked how Ax thought Brahms might react if he could sit in the Silva Concert Hall this evening and hear Ax play.
Brahms first composed the Requiem for four hand piano accompaniment, and the pianists for this performance are Joceyln Freeman and Matthew Fletcher.
Biographies of Brahms describe two important moments in the young composer's career: the first publication of his compositions and the intensely negative reception of his long-awaited first major orchestral work, the Piano Concerto No.
Hence, it's a favorite of secularists and may at some level reflect the composer's ambivalences about the death of his mother, as well as that of Robert Schumann, whose marital life Brahms may have, what shall we say, impacted?
Previous major scholarship on Brahms songs (Lucien Stark, 1995; Eric Sams, 2000) studied each song individually.
They will be coming to Leamington for the Beethoven and Brahms Festival which is being held in the town over the weekend of May 4 to May 8.
Now he is in Los Angeles for two weeks, leading all four Brahms symphonies -- Symphonies One and Three this weekend, and Symphonies Two and Four next.
This biographical dictionary covers approximately 430 people associated with composer Johannes Brahms, including relatives and friends, physicians, conductors, artists, poets, rulers, and fellow composers and musicians, such as the Schumanns, Schubert, Rubinstein, Nietzsche, Ibsen, Liszt, Bizet, and the publishers Breitkopf and Hartel.