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Synonyms for brahmin

a member of a social and cultural elite (especially a descendant of an old New England family)

a member of the highest of the four Hindu varnas

the highest of the four varnas: the priestly or sacerdotal category


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any of several breeds of Indian cattle

References in classic literature ?
And the Brahmins knelt and hid their faces in their robes.
One age followed another--and still, generation after generation, the successors of the three Brahmins watched their priceless Moonstone, night and day.
At last he went to England on a visit, and had to pay enormous sums to the priests when he came back; for even so high-caste a Brahmin as Purun Dass lost caste by crossing the black sea.
Then Purun Bhagat smiled, for he remembered that his mother was of Rajput Brahmin birth, from Kulu way--a Hill-woman, always home-sick for the snows--and that the least touch of Hill blood draws a man in the end back to where he belongs.
A friend forwarded to me the link to a YouTube video in which you were shown inaugurating a conference of Tamil Brahmins. I would not have watched it if you were a retired judge.
Summary: Indian judge claims upper-caste Brahmins 'should always be at the helm'
Summary: Kochi (Kerala) [India], July 24 (ANI): Addressing a global meet of Tamil Brahmins, sitting judge of Kerala high court Justice V Chidambaresh has stoked a controversy by asserting that the people of the brahmin community are born twice with clean habits.
Given the spurious but all-pervasive critique of Indian liberalism under way, blaming them for the opposition's rout by Narendra Modi, this equation between Brahmins and Brahmins (or Hindus and Hindus) needs to be clearly borne in mind.
Hindus and Brahmins across Twitter went to condemn Dorsey's move, accusing him of "insulting" the highest ranking of their society and the vital part of it.
After the picture was posted by a journalist attending the meeting, Dorsey was accused of hate mongering against Brahmins. Twitter's Chief Legal Officer, who traveled to India with Dorsey, issued an apology saying the company failed to be an impartial platform in that instance.
Nepal was a peaceful and tranquil country till the Brahmins came to power.
Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Rajasthan president Madan Lal Saini on Tuesday 'recalled' how a dying Humayun once 'advised' Babur to not insult 'cows, Brahmins and women', the Times of India reported.
Who can participate: Trimatastha Brahmins (Smarthas, Madhwas, Iyers, Iyengars and other sub castes) can participate in this Matrimony Meet.
different from this, however: Kalhana suggests that Brahmins, and