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a script (probably adapted from the Aramaic about the 7th century BC) from which later Indian scripts developed

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Mohamed Brahmi was assassinated on July 25, 2013 outside his home, a few months after the murder of Chokri Belaid, secretary general of Democratic Patriots' Unified Party.
Acute hippocampal slices were prepared after the 8 weeks of administration of Brahmi or control, after the rats were euthanised.
New Bajaj Brahmi Amla Ayurvedic Hair oil not only has all the natural benefits of Amla, but also contains extracts of Ayurvedic Brahmi leaves which reduce hairfall.
Still according to Fathi Brahmi, the governorate of Sidi Bouzid ranks first in terms of collection, accounting for 16% of domestic production.
Tunisian security forces engaged in a gun battle overnight Saturday as they arrested a suspect in last July's murder of opposition politician Mohamed Brahmi, the interior ministry's spokesman said.
He, however, admitted that there were few failures recorded in two voting centres in the provinces of Bouira and two other centres in Bejaia, Brahmi.
Gunmen killed Belaid on February 6 and Brahmi on July 25, both of them outside their homes.
Brahmi, a Tunisian opposition political leader and assembly member, was killed by unknown gunmen outside of his home in late July.
Brahmi had fully and publicly supported the July coup by the military in Egypt which had toppled the Muslim Brotherhood President Mohammed Morsi, saying that "Egypt opens a brand new page in its history".
Tens of thousands of Tunisians turned out for the funeral of assassinated secular politician Mohamed Brahmi on Saturday, and called for the Islamist-led government to be toppled.
Mohammed Brahmi's coffin was carried by soldiers to Jellaz cemetery and buried next to Chokri Belaid, a fellow politician who was killed in February.
Une maree humaine a pris part samedi aux funerailles de l'opposant politique tunisien Mohamed Brahmi, assassine, jeudi, par des hommes armes devant son logement dans la capitale.
Already Friday, one person was killed during anti-government demonstrations triggered by the assassination of Mohamed Brahmi a day earlier, and the Islamist regime was gearing up for another day of tension.
La presidence de la Republique tunisienne a decrete un jour de deuil national hier vendredi a l'occasion de l'enterrement du depute de l'opposition de gauche Mohamed Brahmi, assassine la veille par balles devant son domicile pres de Tunis.