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a script (probably adapted from the Aramaic about the 7th century BC) from which later Indian scripts developed

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Why did the creators of the Brahmi go their own way in the denotation of initial vowels, creating discrete letters for each of them?
Dans une declaration lundi, a l'agence TAP, en marge de l'inauguration de la Place Chokri Belaid des droits de l'Homme, la deputee et veuve du martyr Mohamed Brahmi, a critique le traitement des deux affaires d'assassinat par la coalition politique en place, le qualifiant de " mauvais ".
He said that each intervener in cases related to the assassination of opposition leaders Chokri Belaid and Mohamed Brahmi "has his own vision and should enjoy his rights to sue for injury.
Le document en question confirme que les services internes du ministere de l'Interieur ont recu un document sur un projet d'assassinat par des salafistes visant le depute d'opposition, Mohamed Brahmi.
Last week's assassination of opposition politician Brahmi has plunged the country into a crisis.
Brahmi was an MP with the leftist and nationalist Popular Movement but on July 7 quit the party he founded, saying it had been infiltrated by Islamists.
Selon le ministre, la meme arme a ete utilisee dans l'assassinat de Mohamed Brahmi et Chokri Belaid.
Brahmi, a member of the Arab nationalist Popular Front party, was shot 11 times outside his home in Tunis in front of his wife and children.
AFP -- Leading opposition figure and critic of Tunisia's ruling Islamists, Mohamed Brahmi, was shot dead by unknown gunmen outside his home near the capital on Thursday, state media announced.
The latter category also includes five biscript (Brahmi and Kharosthi or Brahmi and Bactrian) and one triscript (Brahmi, Kharosthi, and Bactrian) inscription.
Mbarka Brahmi, deputee du Front Populaire a l'Assemblee des representants du peuple, a declare sur la radio "Diwan FM" que sa formation enverra prochainement une delegation en Syrie, avec a sa tete le porte-parole, Hamma Hammami.
President Beji Caid Essebsi also said he was "deeply concerned about the progress of the case of martyrs Chokri Belaid and Mohamed Brahmi," emphasising the need to "maintain the hope that truth will come out" on this case.
Des sources judiciaires ont indique au journal Assarih ' qu'Ali Lrayedh, ex chef du gouvernement et Lotfi Ben Jeddou, ministre de l'interieur comparaitront prochainement devant le juge d'instruction dans l'affaire de Mohamed Brahmi, assassine le 25 juillet 2013.
TUNIS, July 27 (KUNA) -- Thousands of Tunisians mourned here on Saturday Tunisian parliamentarian and prominent opposition leader Mohammed Brahmi, who was gunned down with 14 bullets near his home at Al-Ghazalah neighborhood in the capital on Thursday, in a solemn national funeral service.
TUNUS (CyHAN)- Tunisia's opposition leader, MP Mohamed Brahmi, was shot dead outside his home Thursday in the second such assassination this year, with fingers again pointed at the authorities.