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Synonyms for brahmin

a member of a social and cultural elite (especially a descendant of an old New England family)

a member of the highest of the four Hindu varnas

the highest of the four varnas: the priestly or sacerdotal category


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any of several breeds of Indian cattle

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Krissa Madalogdog led the 0-4 Lady Brahmans with nine points.
The objective of the present study was to evaluate the influence of some environmental factors on the growth of Brahman calves.
Fourty-five Brahman bulls were sold for an average of N$34,956 and a highest price of N$63,000, paid by AP de Jager for a bull of Hagen Eggert.
Its Hindu rulers donated vast land to Brahmans, funding temple construction, financing temple rituals.
Compared with his Brahmans team-mates, he has a relatively placid job.
The Brahman is a sturdy cattle breed and well adapted to life in the subtropics.
There is a striking irony in the fact that the views of a path-breaking Orientalist, trained under the aegis of Hastings, and in the very year of the foundation of the Asiatick Society, should coincide with those of James Mill, whose History of British India (1817) reveals an Anglicist and utilitarian bias against the Brahmans who `artfully clothe themselves with the terrors of religion' in their endorsement of a traditional caste-ridden, superstition-ridden India.
As their country goes through radical change, many Brahmans are unsure of their role.
I will restrict myself to one example, concerning the most obvious question: could brahmans be subjected to corporal and, especially, capital punishment?
The space coded 10 represents those religious values held by Brahmans and no one else, the space coded 11 represents those values shared by Brahmans and Sudras, the space 01 those values held by Sudras and no one else, and 00 is the residual category.
He was born into an illustrious family of Brahmans.
I have devoted a separate study(1) to the question of how far the account in the Alexander Romance of Alexander's meeting with the Naked Philosophers, later known as Brahmans, rests on genuine information about India.
Justine Dorog's open hit found the spot to lift the Lady Maroons to 2-1 in Group A of the preseason tournament while the Lady Brahmans stayed winless at 0-3.
The Hochfeld group of breeders consists of Ebbi and Heide Fischer ofWokuma Brahmans; Kaspar and Stefanie Gunzel of Makalani Brahmans and Gunzel Simmentaler, Loraine van Heerden of Lorden Brahman and Horsti and Renate Riedel from Hauk Simmentaler.