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the religious and social system of orthodox Hinduism


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the religious beliefs of ancient India as prescribed in the sacred Vedas and Brahmanas and Upanishads

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Indian deep state has been toeing the agenda of its Brahmanist ruling elite to conquer entire South Asian region by subjugating and killing people irrespective of their faith, religion or ethnicity.The Brahmanists, with considerable clout even beyond national borders, decided to eliminate Karkare and a perfect opportunity came when the attack on Mumbai took place on 26/11.
As Davis demonstrates, however, one of the main functions of Buddhist funerals is the separation of powers inherent in the conception of self--the vinnana (Buddhist), which is reborn after death and linked to karmic morality and moral choices, and pralin (Brahmanist), fundamental spirits in all growing things associated with vitality.
The next day the bakous, or court Brahmanist priests, will cut the rope tightened over the river (kat broat), releasing the nagas.
It is tempting to say that the realm of ancestral and tutelary spirits is Brahmanist or animist and to contrast it with the Buddhist order, but such a division is complicated by the fact that Loak Ta is the spirit of a Buddhist monk, and the term parami is a Buddhist technical term.
These syncretized versions of Brahmanist or Hinduist tradition originally came via Indian traders, religious teachers and migrants in the broader context of Indianization.
The padhi is also practised in central Vietnam by the Cam Bani (non-orthodox Muslims), the "Brahmanists" and the Cru.