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Synonyms for Brahmanism

the religious and social system of orthodox Hinduism


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the religious beliefs of ancient India as prescribed in the sacred Vedas and Brahmanas and Upanishads

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The closest parallel to Yahweh in ancient Brahmanism was Ishvara, a personification- and penultimate expression- of the absolute Brahman.
For Shelley's equally pro-evangelical view that the Hindus need emancipation from Brahmanism, see `A Philosophical View of Reform' (1819) in Shelley's Prose, ed.
This dichotomy is the product of the Aryan invasions, which brought with it Brahmanism, and subjugated the indigenous inhabitants of the Subcontinent.
It is well known that negative views of women and rules limiting them were well established in India, in Brahmanism and in the culture at large, before, during, and after the time of the Buddha.
The subject is the interaction of Buddhism and Brahmanism, and the eventual disappearance of Buddhism from the Indian sub-continent.
For instance, `Hinduism: one or many' is not an issue with India's ordinary populace, who are quite happy to follow the traditional way of life of a `Hindu' within the over-arching framework of Brahmanism.
Ancient Cham people had formed cults which mirrored Buddhism and Brahmanism and even employed the Sanskrit language.
Cosmic parturition as a cosmological metaphor is thus prominent in Brahmanism (ancient Hinduism), whence it entered Hindu religion and art, and also beyond.
Still Suffering After All These Aeons: the Continuing Effects of the Buddha's Bad Karma," In Indian Insights: Buddhism, Brahmanism and Bhakti, edited by Peter Connolly and Sue Hamilton, 63-82.
It is apparent that DeCaroli's term describes a very diverse group of deities arising from Vedism and Brahmanism, from folk cults, from Indian realms inhabited by demonic and heavenly creatures, as well as from the sphere of divine kingship.
of Lausanne, Switzerland) offers evidence that Greater Magadha, the eastern part of the Ganges Plain in northern India, displayed an independent and vital culture until close to the beginning of the Common Era, and was not simply a passive receptor of Brahmanism and Jainism.
As she says, this study is concerned with "the general purpose of examining whether Vedic Brahmanism still thrives in Kerala and how the Namputiris have coped with the initially outward pressure for change, and with the special purpose of studying what the Namputiri relationship to some ancient Kerala customs or rules is nowadays.
In particular, he suggests that the view put forward by Olivelle and others that there was a shift in the understanding of renunciation in Indian history, from an emphasis in ancient Brahmanism on external renunciation and asceticism accessible to only a few, to the emergence in classical Hinduism of a notion of inner renunciation which is compatible with active life and accessible to all--this story may need to be revised in light of a better appreciation of Sankara's view of renunciation.
Swearer himself discusses the problems of the nature of syncretism between local religious traditions and Brahmanism and Buddhism in the first section of his The Buddhist World of Southeast Asia [Albany: State Univ.
In fact, vrata becomes the most generic term in Brahmanism for rules or regimens in which a fixed rule of behavior, involving restrictions as well as prescribed actions, is thought to produce specified results for whoever performs it.