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Synonyms for brahman

a member of a social and cultural elite (especially a descendant of an old New England family)

a member of the highest of the four Hindu varnas

the highest of the four varnas: the priestly or sacerdotal category


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any of several breeds of Indian cattle

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Land grants to Brahmins invited from the Northern India for their final settlement in this state was particularly intended for circulation of Brahmanic ideology: "They not only helped their patrons in maintaining power but also acted as foci of culture, providing a moral and ideological anchor.
Obviously, the Brahmanic patrons of the Sunga dynasty appointed a group of great thinkers for composing this text ascribing it to Vasudeva Krsna the most popular Bhagavata deity of the time, so that its message be considered as divine as that of the Upanisads, and would therefore motivate both the elite and common class as the persuasive state apparatus of the Brahmanic ruler, serving as a strong counter to the outgone Buddhist advisor of the Maurya empire.
This story is intercut with two other staples of the tamnan (religious or folk history) tradition: a Buddhist layer, including the Buddha's visit to Siam and prediction of Ayutthaya's glory; and a Brahmanic layer with a rishi (ascetic or hermit) identifying the site, guiding the founder through various magical processes and quelling the local naga spirit.
Such a pair is productive, as in the often repeated brahmanic phrase, mithunam evaitat prajanam kriyate "Consequently, a progenitive pairing is formed" or its variants.
In order to explicate the content of the two suktas presented in this paper, I will give a short summary on beer and the preparation of sura as given in Brahmanic texts.
He distinguishes between 'cool spells' (katha yen), of Brahmanic origin but consistent with Buddhism, and 'hot spells' (katha rorn).
45] She then finds a place in the hero cults of the Brahmanic culture, before becoming a sister or peaceful spouse.
193-98, both Buddhist and Brahmanic means were used in the preparation of the water.
Images of Brahmanic (or Hindu) deities begin to be made in India perhaps in the second century B.
For the non-specialist Guelden provides a succinct adumbration of the matrix of Thai animism: a world view permeated with crisscrossing Brahmanic, Theravada Buddhist and local Southeast Asian notions of soul, spirit, power, pollution, health, sickness, merit and rebirth.
Each lecture is designed around a theme: brahmanic and arts schools; Jaina monasteries; Jain education of nuns, laywomen, and princes; vocational education; and Jain contributions to the arts and sciences.
The greatest changes have been made to the sections on religion, but the new arrangement of data, in this reviewer's opinion, still draws much too neat a dichotomy between Buddhism and what Kingshill terms "non-Buddhist religious expression" (whether of animistic or of Brahmanic derivation).
The 'Dramatic' Element in Brahmanic Initiation: Symbols of Death, Danger, and Difficult Passage.
Another well-known example of a Buddhist reinterpretation of a brahmanic notion is the Buddhist representation of one of the vedic myths of creation as a mistaken perception on the part of both Brahma, the supposed creator, and those purportedly created by him (Brahmajala Sutta, Dighanikaya I.
Boldly criticizing and campaigning against the Brahmanic hegemony and the upper caste-cruelties inflicted on lower castes, he established temples and educational institutions for dalit-emancipation.