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Synonyms for brahman

a member of a social and cultural elite (especially a descendant of an old New England family)

a member of the highest of the four Hindu varnas

the highest of the four varnas: the priestly or sacerdotal category


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any of several breeds of Indian cattle

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A famous example of the first kind of situation occurs in the Brahmajala sutta ("scripture concerning the net of Brahmanic opinions") where the Buddha rejects 62 types of "speculative opinion" (drshti) prevalent in the India of his time.
1 at the levels found in Brahmanic India reveals that its nature is, as it were, not primary, i.
Against this background, a newly discovered hoard of bronzes from Kolhapur stands unique, as all nine images in the hoard are Brahmanic and in the same style, thus belonging to one period.
Far from arguing that this phenomenon was marginal to what we now call Hinduism, Ziegenbalg is at pains to establish Jnanin attitudes toward many of the topics dealt with in his long work on Tamil society and culture, citing repeatedly from the main Jnanin text at his disposal and explicitly and implicitly offering us a picture of a Hinduism with one wing highly critical of orthodox Brahmanic traditions and surprisingly close to Christian and pietist theology and practice.
If we suppose that V represents Brahmanic religious values it follows that not-V represents all non-Brahmanic values.
As another effect of the multiplicity, the word has three levels of meaning besides the highest, or Brahmanic.
Those who touch the dead on a specific occasion are polluted and must go through an elaborate brahmanic ritual to literally and symbolically wash away the pollution; those who regularly touch dead human beings and animals, putrefying substances, or bodily waste matter because of their occupations--cobblers, tanners, scavengers, disposers of dead animals, attendants at cremation grounds, et cetera--become perpetually untouchable in society.
Dagmar Benner investigates ayurvedic approaches to samsketras or stage-of-life rituals, and their implications for the synthesis of orthodox brahmanic ritual with an originally separate heterodox medical system.
This is a socio-religious investigation of the ritual tradition of the Vaikhanasas, a Hindu Brahmanic group of hereditary priests in temples devoted to the god Vishnu found in South India.
Kramer points out here, as he has before, that unity to Eliot does not mean the Brahmanic oneness (or nonduality) but the union in diversity that preserves the fire and the rose separately while also recognizing, at the end, their convergence: "the fire and the rose are one.
At worst, Naipaul's writings are tainted by a glaringly crippling factor: Naipaul's conception of Islam is confined by his Brahmanic bias.
His study demonstrates how the histories of adivasis (indigenous, tribal communities) of coastal Orissa reveal a gradual but a dearly hegemonic process of conversion and incorporation into Brahmanic Hinduism, albeit as exploited, marginalized groups.
Popular beliefs regarding earth, death, ancestry and community speak to cyclic and reciprocal concerns which contradict hierarchic elements of the Brahmanic Hindu tradition at critical points and disrupt the mimetic draw of the exemplary center.
The main point is to set up the by-now-familiar distinction between "the 'conservative' brahmanic conception of dharma, and the various challenges to this conception from non-brahmanic circles" (p.
defender of the infallible, authorless Veda and upholder of Brahmanic social order--lost his eye.