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United States anthropologist noted for her claims about adolescence and sexual behavior in Polynesian cultures (1901-1978)

United States philosopher of pragmatism (1863-1931)

made of fermented honey and water

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Ciao Pizza Trattoria chef/owner Dave Lucht and Viking Braggot Brewery owner/brewer Addison Stern will team up to offer and discuss a four-course feast paired with four Braggot-style ales; dinner will include honey glazed salt pork, crab stuffed salmon, barrel-aged lemon ale, squash porter and more.
Braggot is not a word found in many standard dictionaries, but in can now be found on some select store shelves, thanks to Magic Hat Brewing Co.
Scott Cellars, Claim 52 Brewing, Viking Braggot Company and Crescendo Spirits.
Scott Cellars, Viking Braggot Brewery, Crescendo Organic Spirits, Claim 52 Brewing and Alesong Brewing and Blending.
"Beer-makers' Battle and Dinner" features Ambrosia, Belly Restaurant, Viking Braggot and Hop Valley Brewing preparing two tapas-size plates and collaborate on a fifth small plate; each will be paired with a beer; attendees "rate" the pairings.
20 at Viking Braggot Co., 520 Commercial St., Unit F.
Scott Cellars, Crescendo Organic Spirits, Viking Braggot Brewery, Claim 52 Brewing, and Alesong Brewing and Blending.
Thursday at Viking Braggot Company, 520 Commercial St.
Scott Cellars and Viking Braggot at the 500 block of Commercial Street, Claim 52 Brewing at 1030 Tyinn St.