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It's always nice to have local bragging rights and get one over on your near neighbours.
The points went to Dem Lads as they secured the bragging rights with an 11-7 win.
It's important for the supporters to earn those bragging rights.
Totally Bragging Productions produces “Total Bragging Rights,” a new web series featuring two best friends competing at a number of fun, contestant-generated challenges.
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We've won the last two league games against them and we want to keep the bragging rights," said Thompson.
With being the older brother, I've always had the bragging rights in the past, and I'm sure that will continue after Sunday.
Of course we'd love the bragging rights," he claimed.
Accountants, bankers, chefs and city professionals will be chasing the bragging rights at the University of Birmingham's inaugural challenge.
His goal: Squash a field of 31 other regional winners and grab the $100,000 first prize, which comes with bragging rights as the biggest ``Madden NFL 07'' remote controller.
Washington State University and University of Washington--whose fans fight for bragging rights after their annual Apple Cup football game--partnered with the Space Needle for a higher cause.
On Sunday, however, Sunderland will face Boro at the Riverside Stadium in a game which still has local bragging rights at stake ( and this time McCarthy (pictured) expects the atmosphere to be very different.
Winners get a specially bound copy of the centennial issue and bragging rights.
Macintosh users have had some bragging rights over their Windows counterparts for various reasons, not the least of which is "malware"--viruses, worms, and Trojan horses--that is a frequent pain to Windows users.
But now Yorkshire, a neighboring county, in a grab for bragging rights, is laying claim to the 800-year-old legend.