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United States pioneer photographer famous for his portraits

United States financier noted for his love of diamonds and his extravagant lifestyle (1856-1917)

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By this time James, Brady and Sinclair were at his heels, each with his rifle in readiness.
It was the work of the banshee all right," muttered Brady.
A terror-stricken cry punctuated by the crack of a rifle brought Bradley, Sinclair and Brady to their feet in time to see James, with clubbed rifle, battling with a white-robed figure that hovered on widespread wings on a level with the Englishman's head.
Brady had gone on from eight to ten, followed by Sinclair from ten to twelve, then Bradley had been awakened.
The snapping of a twig aroused Brady out of a dead sleep, and as he opened his eyes, he saw that it was broad daylight and that at twenty paces from him stood a huge lion.
Brady stepped close in and finished him with a shot in the base of the brain lest his terrific roarings should attract his mate or others of their kind.
The two men circled about the camp twice and on the last lap Brady stooped and picked up an object which had lain about ten yards beyond the fire--it was Bradley's cap.
Olson, the Irish engineer, with Whitely and Wilson constituted the remnants of Dinosaur's defenders, and to Brady and Sinclair they narrated the salient events that had transpired since Bradley and his party had marched away on September 4th.
Kevin Brady on Wednesday became the clear favorite to be the House's next lead tax-writer, as he won the endorsement of a key House panel.
29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Detroit restaurateur Jim Brady was ahead of his time.
Steve is survived by his son Jayden Brady of Florida, his mother Nancy Brady of Florida, his father Edward Brady of Westborough, his brother Gerald Brady and his wife Paula of Shrewsbury; and brother Joseph Brady of Grafton.
Tom Brady and the New England Patriots fell to the Kansas City Chiefs, 41-14 on Monday Night Football (MNF) in the National Football League (NFL).
MOORS Murderer Ian Brady has insisted he still wants to die in the wake of losing his bid to be transferred from hospital to prison.
BRIDE AND GROOM: Nora Brady, 36, from Redcar, and Mike Thomas, 31, from Thornaby MARRIED AT: The Thistle Hotel, Middlesbrough WHEN?
Out to capture scenes from the Civil War's first major clash, Brady and his assistants found themselves in tumultuous and nerve-racking circumstances as the formerly dominant Union forces they'd set out to celebrate in pictures were pushed back toward Washington, D.