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United States printer (born in England) whose press produced the first American prayer book and the New York City's first newspaper (1663-1752)

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A Volvo dealership in Bradford, Yorkshire, England is providing its customers the choice of a loaner bicycle or a traditional loaner car when they visit their Volvo office for service.
THE Cottingley Fairies are figures that appear in a set of five photographs taken by cousins Elsie Wright and Frances Griffiths in 1917 and 1920 near Bradford, Yorkshire.
Source: Syntopix Group, Institute of Pharmaceutical Innovation, University of Bradford, Bradford, Yorkshire BD7 1DP, United Kingdom.
Smith, who is living at an address in Penarth Marina, had been sent to South Wales on bail by a court in Bradford, Yorkshire, where he is facing further robbery allegations.
The Sparkhill-based travel agency, which also had a branch in Bradford, Yorkshire, laundered tens of millions of pounds into the legitimate banking system by bypassing money laundering regulations.
6) His stories, which are based both in the region around Bradford, Yorkshire and in the exclusive ethnic enclave of fictional "Briardale" set in Greystone and four surrounding mill villages, yield vignettes of the historic experience of female heterosexuality among Yorkshire working- class people.
The who-done-it adds tension, but the killer's motive seems tame almost inane especially in light of the plight facing the Bradford, Yorkshire townsfolk.
He has recorded hundreds of hours of the hit soap, not for himself, but for an ENGLISH relative in Bradford, Yorkshire.
5Britain's most haunted loo can be found at the Cock and Bottle Inn in Bradford, Yorkshire.
When a minority of young Asians, provoked by the extreme right wing British National Party, rioted in Bradford, Yorkshire, last June, an unusual full-page advertisement appeared in the local paper four days later.
The artist (something of a protege of Mr Ruskin, who had opened the Design School in Bradford, Yorkshire, where he was master) was called James Lobley.
Ahmed drove from his home in Bradford, Yorkshire, and stabbed Asad 30 times outside his shop in March.
Andrea, from Bradford, Yorkshire, said: "It's ridiculous that some savings providers pay such low rates of interest to children.
The team had to show how they would use cutting equipment during a road accident as part of a challenge held in Bradford, Yorkshire.
Top sale price among the cattle was the 3,000gns paid by D and A Blockley, Drighlington, Bradford, Yorkshire, for the Jan 2003-born Longhorn bull Blackbrook Newt, from Mrs S Coleman, East Colne, Colchester.