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a modified leaf or leaflike part just below and protecting an inflorescence

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5 long x 5 widely triangular, bract wide, apiculate, 7 4.
Then in September, as poinsettias are daylight sensitive, provide exactly 15 hours of complete darkness to make the bracts colour up.
5-20 (-24) cm long; bracts opposite, widely rounded, up to 1 mm long, 4-8 mm broad, sometimes reduced to a mere rim around the peduncle, or foliaceous, elliptic, rounded or broadly ovate, 1-4 cm long, 0.
Lacey and Herr report tests showing that temperatures inside the darker bracts rose 0.
myrsinites, an evergreen with yellow-green bracts which will grow to only 8in high.
As far as the Hydrocharitaceae are concerned, when we use the term directly we are using it in the sense of Kaul (1970), and we mean a structure that has a long first internode surmounted by one or more bracts and that bears one or more flowers.
REG from Kingswinford was asking how to care for his wife's Poinsettia she had been given at Christmas to make it bract up for next year.
Poinsettias with bracts in light lemon yellow or cream pair beautifully with house plants with variegated foliage, especially when displayed in a large pot lightly brushed with gold paint.
These squares (20 d old from tagging date) were collected at the last day of each shade treatment to determine the effect of shade on nonstructural carbohydrate concentrations in the floral buds and bracts.
the colored bracts of many Araceae, Bromeliaceae, Euphorbiaceae, and Nyctaginaceae; Heywood 1978).
Totally deprive your plant of light for 14 hours a day for eight weeks before you want its bracts to turn red.
grifithii Fireglow has scarlet bracts on top of single stems that can spread but rarely become a nuisance.