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a modified leaf or leaflike part just below and protecting an inflorescence

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In each area, all available inflorescences were collected and the bracts were counted.
Cut stems when plenty of bracts have formed but remove the soft tip of the flower spike as the top few bracts will only shrivel.
Our observations of the floral development of betulaceous genera largely agree with Abbe (1935, 1938) with some exceptions in the absence of secondary and tertiary bracts. This may be due to the nature of the methods of investigations.
This grows into a tall, rangy shrub whose scarlet bracts appear in the winter.
The inflorescence has attractive bracts (modified leaf) that can be found in four different colours as red, white, green or yellow with a few conspicuous flowers will peek out from the bract as they matured.
Often both bracts and flowers are silver too but, in the wild, forms with blue stems and bracts predominate.
The edible portion is the basis of the bracts and the bottom of the immature inflorescence, also called head.
I keep spotting tall Acanthus mollis, or bear's breech, right, with its stately spires of white flowers enclosed in pinky-purple bracts.
I bless the lichens that bloom pig iron to ferruginous corallita, bless the molds that pit iridium bracts, bless the brume that patinates glades of serrated brass.
Yoshihisa Tanaka and colleagues note that their earlier research found that antioxidant polyphenols, contained in the hop leaves (called bracts) could help fight cavities and gum disease.