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having bracts



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Caption: I Gold bracteate set with turquoise and pyrite, Tillya Tepe, Afghanistan, Tomb i, 2nd quarter of the 2nd century BC.
Inflorescences in racemes or spikes of triads or dyads, bracteates, axillary or terminal.
Inflorescences in racemes or umbels of dyads or triads, bracteates; axillary or terminal.
Inflorescences in capitules or umbels with flowers gathered at the apex of the peduncle conferring a glomerate appearance, bracteates, solitary or axillary.
Inflorescences in racemes, spikes, corymbs or glomerules of triads, bracteates, axillary to terminal.
Amulet pendants and a darkened sun: on the function of the gold bracteates and a possible motivation for the large gold hoards.--Roman Gold and the Development of the Early Germanic Kingdoms: Aspects of Technical, Socio-Political, Socio-Economic, Artistic and Intellectual Development, AD 1-550.