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Synonyms for bracelet

Synonyms for bracelet

a band of cloth or leather or metal links attached to a wristwatch and wrapped around the wrist

jewelry worn around the wrist for decoration

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Dark sunglasses, a silver braclet and colourful sandals.
A braclet gift from his fiancee fell over the bridge across the River Enrick, near Drumnadrochit, Inverness-shire.
to clamp braclet & mains for installation of old itting at extended area of amc
One was swept into Braclet Bay, at Mumbles, south Wales, by strong currents after trying to swim the 300-yard gap between islands off the coast.
Iv 15 Amp,Single Pole,130 Volts Dc Traction Duty With Extended Connecting Terminals Without Fixation Braclet.
Caption: FROM TOP: Braclets from Thorn Tree Project.