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fern of southeastern Asia

large coarse fern often several feet high

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Possible association between gastric cancer and bracken fern in Venezuela: An epidemiologic study.
A goat will not die from eating a few oak leaves or a couple fronds of bracken fern. However, if the primary forage and browse are in short supply or absent, the goats will eat lower quality foods, sometimes including noxious or toxic plants.
Wilmshurst said archaeological evidence has suggested that successful cultivation of introduced food crops, such as kumara and taro, was only possible in warmer northern coastal areas and the starch-rich rhizomes of bracken fern, which replaced the burnt forests, provided an essential part of Maori diets in colder regions.
The intoxication can be seen as a direct answer to a complex multifactorial epidemiologic relation, where there is a narrow connection between the toxic principles of the bracken fern and the infection for bovine papillomavirus.
Bracken Fern (Pteridium aquilinum) Fiddleheads were formerly reported to be edible.
A species of Panotima Meyrick from South Africa was reared on Pteridium aquilinum (L.) (Kuhn) (Dennstaedtiaceae), known as bracken fern, during exploration for biological control agents (Lawton et al.
Bruce completed his BA (Hons) at the University of New England in 1985, examining ethnohistorical sources and archaeological imprints of the pre-contact exploitation of bracken fern. For his Doctorate he carried out ethnoarchaeological, survey and excavation programs on the Mitchell Plateau of the remote northwestern Kimberley coast of Western Australia.
All around were tangles of rhododendron and wizened old oaks towering above bracken fern. It was the sort of woodland where, at any turn, you would hall expect to see an impish elf.
Thick tangles of bracken fern, vine maple, hemlock and Douglas fir often reduce visibility to distances measured in the single digits.
After the logging and fires, resilient plants like fire cherry, bracken fern, and the heaths had reclaimed much of this broken landscape.
He would have discovered that some of the "Chumash" baskets collected by Malaspina were from the interior and included black bracken fern root instead of black dyed Juncus stems.
* Bracken fern. It's apparently sold as a salad green, but have you ever seen it?