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small genus of tropical African timber trees having pale golden heartwood uniformly striped with dark brown or black:

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Not rated 21 Begonia sp Not rated 22 Begonia eminii Not rated 23 Ceiba pentandra Not rated 24 Dacryodes edulis Not rated 25 Canarium schweinfurthi Not rated 26 Dacryodes yangambiensis Not rated 27 Gilbertiodendron dewrei Not rated 28 Scorodophloeus zenkeri Not rated 29 Schotia bequaertii Not rated 30 Pachyelasme tessmannii Not rated 31 Brachystegia laurentii Not rated 32 Cynometra sessiliflora Not rated 33 Guibortia demeusei Not rated 34 Erythrophloeum suavolens Not rated 35 Macrolobium coeruleum Not rated 36 Copaifera mildbraedii Not rated 37 Julbemalia Not rated 38 Combretum sp.
These tests identified species compatible with cement without needing any water treatment (Amblygonocarpus andongensis and Brachystegia speciformis) as well as the species becoming compatible after a simple cold- or hot-water extraction of water-soluble components of wood (Pterocarpus angolensis, Kaya nyasica, Erythrophleum suaveoleuns, Albizia adianthifolia, and Sterculia appendiculata).
Jocque, Brachystegia woodland (MRAC 153 030); 1[female] same locality, 6.
Changes in photosynthesis and water status of developing leaves of Brachystegia spiciformis Benth.
The trees are Brachystegia leonensis, Brachystegia eurycoma, Brachystegia nigerica, Brachystegia boehmii and Microberlinia brazzavillensis.
Habitat: Doratogonus rugifrons occurs predominantly in the savanna biome and its presence seems to be related to the distribution of Brachystegia woodland in the northern parts of its range (Hamer & Slotow 2000).