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mostly Australian herbs having basal or alternate leaves and loosely corymbose flower heads

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Drought-tolerant plants which are easier to maintain in hanging baskets include pelargoniums, begonias, nasturtiums, verbena and brachyscome. If your hanging basket is going into a shady spot, brighten it up with busy lizzies, which will tolerate shade.
Later in the season replace with blue Salvia farinacea, pink brachyscome and purple petunias.
You don't need to know a Brachyscome from a Boltonia (fyi: both are daisies) to enjoy a garden tour.
For the prettiest and most reliable display on a sunny patio or balcony, pick pink verbena and petunias to partner with magenta-coloured pelargoniums (with a dash of purple provided by pots of brachyscome and felicia or the richly-fragrant heliotrope that smells of cherry pie).
Agapanthus (dwarf), arabis, basket-of-gold, brachyscome, campanula, candytuft, catmint, coreopsis, dianthus, dusty miller, erigeron, feverfew, geraniums (species types), heuchera, lamb's ears, licorice plant, nemesia, scabiosa, sweet alyssum, thyme, verbena (ground-cover types), yarrow.
Check out petunias, nictotianas, pelargoniums, Salvia farinacea, pink brachyscome and verbenas for suitable plants plus buy plenty of trailers such as lobelia, helichrysum and glechoma to achieve a full, well-planted look.