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mostly Australian herbs having basal or alternate leaves and loosely corymbose flower heads

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Felicia - similar flowers to brachycome with yellow and green variegated leaves.
Convolvulus Ipomoea, Sweet Pea, Morning Glory, Borage, Lobelia, Viola, Salvia Patens, Nigella, Ageratum, Nemophila, Centaurca, Brachycome, Anchusa Iris, Geranium, Meconopsis, Gentian, Tradescantia, Scabious.
You will need about 10 plants, for example ivy-leaf geranium, brachycome verbena lobelia, lysimachia and fuchsia.
When planting hanging baskets, choose some scented trailers such as brachycome, the swan river daisy, and for borders, plant heliotropes, purple and almond-scented, though these should not be allowed outdoors until summer is really warming up.
Other related perennials adorned with blue, lavender or violet daisies are: Felicia amelloides, the blue marguerite, a low-mounding, spreading daisy; Aster frikartii, a hybrid with enormous blooming capacity; Brachycome multifida, the Swan River daisy, with delicate, intricately patterned leaves and miniature daisies to match.
3 Some good choices include Brachycome iberidifolia, Mimulus, Calendula, Agrostemma (corncockle) Matthiola, Cosmos (Cosmea), Salvia horminium, Nigella, Clarkia, Godetia, Lavatera trimestris, Helichrysum, some ornamental grass mixes such as bunny's ears, sunflowers, love-liesbleeding, sweetpeas, Nemophila, Gilia, Gypsophila, candytuft, poppies, Linara, Linum grandiflora and Limonthes douglasii.
I use trailing verbena, ivy leaf geranium, lobelia, fuchsia, lysimachia and brachycome.
If you plant the penstemon, daisies, and coreopsis from jumbo packs and the brachycome and catmint from 4-inch container (they're generally not available in jumbo packs), the cost is about $17.
Try a tall abutilon 'Canary Bird' or climber such as a clematis surrounded by erect lilies, masses of bushy fuchsias, osteospermum, brachycome or tagetes.
For extra punch, Suanne and Larry Casey add a pot of tulips to the big container of brachycome in their poolside garden in Fullerton, California (shown on opposite page).
On finer-textured plants like brachycome, cranesbill geraniums, ground morning glory, and Mexican daisy, snipping or pinching 3 to 4 inches off side shoots (or as needed) will help to maintain their mounded shape and keep them flowering.
In earliest spring and fall, the Bensons interplant lobelia, pansies, brachycome, asters, and 'Blue Fountains' delphiniums.
Sow antirrhinum, cosmea, ageratum, begonia, petunia, impatiens, brachycome, canna, mimulus, necotiana, nemesia, Livingstone daisy, gazania, dahlia and wahlenbergia and other half-hardy annuals under glass with heat.