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marine invertebrates that resemble mollusks

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Holorhynchus (Pentamerida, Brachiopoda) in the Upper Ordovician of Estonia.
Moreover, although Brachiopoda is composed of 2 classes (Inarticulata and Articulata), and 2 orders in each of these classes, the 3 previously mentioned species all belong to the same order (Lingulida) and class (Inarticulata).
Preserved brachiopod and the mussel: Brachiopoda in jar 2.
Two identifiable orders of Brachiopoda are present: Spiriferida and Rhynchonellida.
-- Unidentified polychaeta 0.27 Phylum Platyhelminthes 0.80 Phylum Mollusca 1.81 Class Bivalvia 1.60 Class Gastropoda 0.27 Phylum Brachiopoda 0.80 Phylum Cnidaria * Class Scyphozoa - Aurelia ap.
The phylum Brachiopoda includes more than 200 living species as well as many that have gone extinct.
Seven categories were distinguished: Brachiopoda, Echinodermata, Gastropoda, Mollusca (other than identifiable gastropods), Ostracoda, Trilobita and Other.
(2012): Multicostote zeillerids (Brachiopoda, Terebratulida) from the Lower Jurassic of the Eastern Subbetic (SE Spain) and their use in correlation and paleobiogeography.
Vargas (1987, 1988) also listed the presence of peanut worms (Sipuncula), Glottidia audebarti (Broderip, 1835) lamp shells (Brachiopoda) and acorn worms (Enteropneusta).
Finally, we close this edition with the work "Late Permian brachiopoda fauna in north-western Iran".
Mollusca Bivalvia 119 spp., Gastropoda Fissurellidae 42 spp., Crustacea Isopoda 133 spp., Decapoda 619 spp., Stomatopoda 42 spp., Pycnogonida 54 spp., Brachiopoda 14 spp., Asteroidea 83 spp., Echinoidea 38 spp.