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Synonyms for bracer

a medicine that restores or increases vigor

Synonyms for bracer

a protective covering for the wrist or arm that is used in archery and fencing and other sports

a tonic or restorative (especially a drink of liquor)


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In this book, however, is redress for one such relative rarity, British stone bracers, sometimes called wrist-guards.
The two principal authors have long experience in the study of Late Neolithic and Bronze Age objects, and their appraisals here are supplemented by a number of detailed analyses by another six specialists; together they deal with stone sources and characterisation of the types of rock selected for working into bracers, the morphology of these, the various approaches of study applied to the objects, and examine continental examples where the possible Breton linkages are explored.
Although several authorities have recently explored particular stone bracers and exposed their individual characteristics, typology, context of discovery and their likely role in burial ritual, only an overall survey of the 100 or so British examples would allow an accurate assessment of rock sources, manufacture, deposition and dating.
Stone bracers have traditionally been identified as the wrist-guards of archers, and those found in archaeological contexts in Britain have mostly been associated with inhumation graves of Beaker date, mainly of the latter half of the third millennium BC.
In the introduction to this book there is reference to various authorities who argue that stone bracers were symbolic renderings of leather wrist-guards, often worn on the outer (not inner) lower arm, where they were better seen and admired; our record is of course based on their final resting place after their owners' deaths.
s second symposium on E-Prime -- not, one hopes, more of the same -- but, rather, a second drinking party (in Palto's original sense), featuring a quite different array of discursive libations, bracers, and chasers.
Wilson late last year began supplying the Japanese firm with glacier water for its Denali line of shampoos, skin bracers and colognes - an entire product line based on the integrity of its water content.
The first concept art describes him wearing a Stormtrooper's bracers and gloves.
bracers Council plans pounds 34m fundraising effort to help pay for Library of Birmingham What a cheek
Bracers are thin pieces of fine-grained stone, usually rectangular, and perforated at their narrow ends.
Some early observers viewed these perforated stone plates as ornaments or for purposes other than bracers (e.
This paper is offered as a first step towards such a general synthesis; it evaluates a selected corpus of English and Scottish bracers according to context and morphology, and uses microscopic and analytical techniques.
Eighteen bracers were kindly made available from the British Museum (12), the Devizes Museum (5) and the Salisbury and South Wiltshire Museum (1).
It was a belt and bracers approach to try and eliminate BSE, tragically so many animals have been killed unnecessarily but at least Britain has more or less eliminated BSE from our herds when other countries - such as France - are trying to come to terms with a growing epidemic in their herds.
This is entirely consistent with a more general Mediterranean pattern of the 3rd millennium B in which finely chipped arrowheads and archers' bracers are often found in high-status contexts (principally burials prominent by virtue of the effort devoted to their construction and/or furnishing).