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Synonyms for bracelet

Synonyms for bracelet

a band of cloth or leather or metal links attached to a wristwatch and wrapped around the wrist

jewelry worn around the wrist for decoration

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A total of 200 bracelets with GPS surveillance with a precision of 2.
There are some people who believe that anchor bracelets are too bold.
MAKKAH -- Saudi Arabia has begun issuing hajj pilgrims with identification bracelets one year after a stampede killed around 2,300 people.
Rawas said the ministry consulted with travel agents and Umrah companies here and abroad before designing the bracelets.
Labour's Kelvin Davis has requested the government to strengthen ankle bracelets so offenders will not be able to cut them off.
One thing's for sure, even if you spot two women wearing Pandora, you can be sure that no two bracelets will be alike, and each will have its own wonderful story to tell.
Before one of Adventure Wear's bracelets arrive at the doorstep of a customers house, alot goes into the making of the bracelet.
When Shake-on was already selected to pitch on Web Summit, the organization itself showed great interest in the services Shake-on provides with its smart bracelets.
FRIENDSHIP bracelets generally fall into three categories: knotted (woven) friendship bracelets; plaited friendship bracelets; and wrapped friendship bracelets.
Jade Gedeon is the owner of We Dream in Colour, and in "Beautiful Bracelets By Hand: Seventy Five One-of-a-Kind Baubles, Bangles and Other Wrist Adornments You Can Make At Home" draws upon her many years of experience and expertise to provide a superbly illustrated, 224 page instructional guide to seventy-five designs for making do-it-yourself bracelets.
Garieri sells Pandora bracelets; a new kind of charm bracelet he said is easier to wear.
Left) Faux and real fur vests, $80-$360; cream top, $38; Flying Monkey jeans, $64; Painted leather cuff by Caroline Rocha, $200; Kendra Scott necklace, $90; Hammitt Los Angeles bag, $585 (Right) multicolor sheath dress, $98; Catherine Popesco earrings and bracelets.
I love this watch because it is cute and handy, and best of all, it requires me to make loom bracelets to be able to wear it.
99, TK Maxx; bracelets, PS10, River Island; silver flat sandals,PS58, Topshop Stockists www.
PS95 THE FEED for Links of London friendship bracelets do more than just look pretty, the FEED initiative saves lives.