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an undergarment worn by women to support their breasts

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M&S's bra fit campaign runs from 8th August - 4th September, but M&S offer bra fitting year-round in UK stores.
"I've always had a knack for bra fitting and I used to help friends find the right bra.
And there was definitely a void when it comes to personalized bra fittings," she explains.
To see the latest items by Bare Basics Lingerie, and to inquire about bra fittings or styles, contact the company directly.
RING " Ms McDonald, who has 20 years of experience advising women on pregnancy, breastfeeding, physiotherapy and post-mastectomy issues, said: "The fashion industry doesn't recognise three-dmensional volume - it's no wonder thousands of women can't find bras that fit." A conventional bra fitting involves taking two measurements: one around the ribcage under the bust and another around the fullest part of the breasts.
Van de Velde plans to continue growing the business, which is known for its rigorous bra fitting service and its discretion.
Any woman battling breast cancer can benefit from the store's free bra fitting service, either by speaKing to a staff member in store or by ringing to booK an appointment.
Women can take advantage of the free bra fitting service in all Debenhams stores, and those who do so during May will receive Au5 off bras when they are fitted.
All outcomes were measured by the same person (DM), an accredited sports physiotherapist trained in professional bra fitting, who was not blinded to group allocation.
Summary: Bra fitting services at high street stores fail to measure up to expectations, according to a survey today.
Bra fitting expert Amrit Varma, who runs in Erdington, Birmingham, said: "I've never heard of bras being used as gas masks before but I suppose if it works, then it's a great idea.
She and her staff have all been trained in bra fitting and receive regular updates.
Get measured when you go for your bra fitting. Most stores have sizing charts with measurements and corresponding sizes.
Also, lingerie specialists Rigby & Peller have over 75 years of experience in bra fitting. The Queen is one of their most famous customers.