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an undergarment worn by women to support their breasts

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And there was definitely a void when it comes to personalized bra fittings," she explains.
To see the latest items by Bare Basics Lingerie, and to inquire about bra fittings or styles, contact the company directly.
Any woman battling breast cancer can benefit from the store's free bra fitting service, either by speaKing to a staff member in store or by ringing to booK an appointment.
The findings came from a survey by Debenhams, which showed that going topless, feeling uncomfortable and being made to feel embarrassed came out as reasons women felt reluctant to go for a professional bra fitting - all three are completely false.
All outcomes were measured by the same person (DM), an accredited sports physiotherapist trained in professional bra fitting, who was not blinded to group allocation.
Summary: Bra fitting services at high street stores fail to measure up to expectations, according to a survey today.
Bra fitting expert Amrit Varma, who runs thebradoctor.
She and her staff have all been trained in bra fitting and receive regular updates.
BREAST CANCER AWARENESS: If a bra fitting was on your list of things to do this week, you're in luck.
Personal bra fitting online available nationwide starting May 30
MEASURE UP AT BRA DAY THROUGHOUT April, Debenhams is celebrating its fabulous bra fitting service and will be hosting a bra fit event in store at Debenhams Argyle Street on April 17.
She has more than 25 years of bra fitting experience and prides herself on helping women look and feel fabulous
We went to bra fitting after bra fitting and spoke to experts, and the best ones didn't use measuring tape.
No, on second thoughts the low point of the ensemble has to be the sparkly cardi affair which instead of hiding a multitude of upper arm sins simply draws attention to the awfulness of the whole thing and the fact that here is a woman who would benefit from a good bra fitting service.