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Synonyms for dickens

a word used in exclamations of confusion


English writer whose novels depicted and criticized social injustice (1812-1870)

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BOZ hopes to hear if the application is approved or not within 45 days, he said.
The well renowned BOZ pod has been used on the Tornado for many years.
The chemistry between Boz and Euzcivit works on several layers and it's to the film's advantage that Boz is the younger, more amicable brother, while Euzcivit is the discontent one who grumbles, sulks and furrows his carefully plucked eyebrows -- something he does rather brilliantly.
In the following work, HMTA and BOZ were investigated as synergists for the isatin Schiff base (IS) in 2 M HCl, and the results were shown in Table-3.
BOZ SCAGGS - BOZ SCAGGS: ORIGINAL 1969 VERSION + 1977 REMIXED VERSION (EDSEL) After making major contributions to the first two albums by the Steve Miller Band, Boz Scaggs left to pursue a solo career.
BOZ deputy governor, Dr Bwalya KE Ng'andu, said, 'SMEs are potentially a great source of profitable business for commercial banks which satisfies an important concern of banking business; which is to make money for investors.
Boz Scaggs performs tracks from Silk Degrees, while Paolo Nutini performs tracks from his Caustic Love LP.
Entre las Escenas de la vida de Londres, que un tal Boz escribe a manera de cronica, se encuentra que los coches de punto y el cabriole, eran "vehiculos sucios, lentos, pesados y desvencijados".
Among the BOZ board of directors, his holdings will be second only to George Gleason, chairman and CEO of Bank of the Ozarks.
According to the BOZ Governor's Monetary Policy Statement, issued here Friday, during of first quarter of this year, the Kwacha depreciated by 11.
Meanwhile, a man was injured due a gas cylinder blast in the Urta Boz area of Taloqan, Sunnatullah said.
I spoke with blues legend Boz Scaggs during the week, who can't wait to take to the stage and wheel out his Dylan party pieces, like It Takes A Lot To Laugh And It Takes A Train To Cry.
com)-- Dover Downs Hotel & Casino announces that Boz Scaggs will perform live in the Rollins Center for one show on Friday, April 5.
Sketches by Boz was a work by which famous 19th century author?
Boz Scaggs just turned 66, and he is playing the Cuthbert at 7:30 p.