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Synonyms for dickens

a word used in exclamations of confusion


English writer whose novels depicted and criticized social injustice (1812-1870)

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PHCG France will now operate through three distinct poles: Medicus Paris, Saatchi & Saatchi Healthcare Paris and BOZ Paris.
The likes of Boz and his arachnid army are not only getting bigger, they're becoming more fearless.
Boz brings a diverse musical background to his launch as a solo artist.
Lorna Farish, the dog's owner and daughter of Mr Corrie, said: "We have always thought Boz is an amazing dog, but when he saved my father's life that day he proved to everyone just how very special he is.
And appearing at a local art gallery (unfortunately the exact location is not visible) on October 28, 1895, was Professor Boz, "celebrated ventriloquist and conjuror".
After that, he formed The Boz People, securing a recording contract with Columbia, though the ensuing four singles were not successful.
Labrador Boz and Mark Corrie, 74, disappeared as bad weather moved in.
BOZ the dog is enjoying hero status after helping to rescue a great-grandfather who disappeared while walking in mountains.
But his dog Boz stayed with him as his health deteriorated and then alerted a rescue party by howling.
One of the four balls holds Big Air Boz - an extreme skateboarder ready for the ride of his life
BOZ assembled the property in two deals totaling $1.
1 /PRNewswire/ -- Table Mountain Casino, voted the 2008 People's Choice Award Winner for Best Local Casino, continues to delight guests with another exciting entertainment experience by presenting Grammy Award winner Boz Scaggs, for a special one-night-only performance on Monday August 11, 2008 at 8:00 p.
Boz Elloy, senior vice president of software products at Borland, noted that this combined offering should help companies reduce the time it takes to get new, high-quality Java applications into production.
BORN HG Wells, English author, 1866 LEONARD Cohen, US musician, 1934 BILL Murray, US film actor, 1950, above DIED FLORENCE Griffith Joyner, US athlete, 1998, above JACO Pastorious, US bass player, 1987 BOZ Burrell, UK rock musician, 2006
According to claims, 41-year-old man Sebahattin Boz was asleep during the incident.