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a word used in exclamations of confusion


English writer whose novels depicted and criticized social injustice (1812-1870)

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Las Escenas de la vida de Londres, por Boz, esboza pasajes que luego retomara desde Oliver Twist hasta Grandes esperanzas.
As I said to Boz, it shouldn't really matter whether you do or don't understand modern art - as long as you enjoy it, maybe even find it a little thought-provoking, it's job done.
Browne ("Phiz") that should accompany "Sunday Under Three Heads," Phiz's first work for Boz.
Although BOZ acknowledged that it was aware of the bank's liquidity problems, it described the 'voluntary' closure as "illegal".
That rough math is based on BOZ shares of BOZ trading around $59.
The editor, noticing his readiness and versatility, gave him the opportunity for the display of his abilities by inserting in his journal those "sketches of English life and character" which were reprinted in a collected form under the title of "Sketches by Boz," in 1836-7.
Out-manoeuvred by Greg Fairley aboard William Blake entering the straight, The Carlton Cannes lost a conservative three lengths in momentum before failing to peg back Boz by a fastdiminishing neck.
And appearing at a local art gallery (unfortunately the exact location is not visible) on October 28, 1895, was Professor Boz, "celebrated ventriloquist and conjuror".
Spinning later added to Spencer's tally before a flight to Wolverhampton paid off with another double, this time on Khandala and Boz.
If Boz has a weakness, it's his timing - pathetically predictable, always just after the BBC news as if Huw Edwards has tranquillised me with his soft Welsh lilt and a platoon of Household Cavalry could burst into the living room and bash out Motorhead's greatest hits while I slumber on the sofa in blissful ignorance.
As she shows on the just-released ``And So Is Love,'' an album consisting of 11 standards and a smoky remake of one of her signature songs, the Boz Scaggs-penned ``We're All Alone,'' Coolidge not only has the voice for jazz, she also has that innate sense of where to leave the spaces unfilled that separates real jazz vocalists from the rest of the pack.
Cinematographer Eyup Boz deservedly won a special prize at the Istanbul fest for "creating an atmosphere of natural light.
Boz Bosworthick, who served on the ship from 1942-46 and who started the association, said: "We have 299 members and have already united some who have not seen each other for 50 years.
Dickens took the pen name of Boz from a corruption of "Moses," the nickname he had bestowed on his youngest brother, Augustus.