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Irish chemist who established that air has weight and whose definitions of chemical elements and chemical reactions helped to dissociate chemistry from alchemy (1627-1691)


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Looking closer at how Ball paints the picture, we see the import of his new perspective on the Royal Society and its founding scientists--Robert Boyle, Robert Hooke, and Isaac Newton, among others--who gave birth to the Scientific Revolution, and their descendants in the scientists and scientific societies of today.
Back row, from left, Stuart Hames, Richard Halkings, Nathan Beaver, Jon Warrener, Daniel Aylward, Adam Sharpe; front, James Boyle, Stephen Boyle, Robert Lewis, Daniel Lodge, James Walker, Nicholas Swift and Andrew Leech (tmc140313sponsor)
These include Jimmy Boyle, Robert Tervet, William Elliott, Robert Mone, Thomas McCulloch, Nat Fraser, Thomas 'Tam' McGraw and Arthur Thompson.
(2) Boyle, Robert. A Free Enquiry into the Vulgarly Received Notion of Nature, (Ed.
Four people were invited to report back on the contents: Robert Boyle, Robert Hooke, John Wallis, and Christopher Wren.