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United States writer (1902-1992)


Irish chemist who established that air has weight and whose definitions of chemical elements and chemical reactions helped to dissociate chemistry from alchemy (1627-1691)


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There was a stony silence, and then Travers remarked, gruffly: "This is your department, Grayne; I will leave you to question Captain Boyle. I can make no sense of what he says."
Boyle had pulled himself together and risen to his feet, but his face still wore an awful expression, making it like a new mask or the face of another man.
I look to you to keep in touch with the others and make a preliminary examination of Boyle. I will talk to him later.
And with these apparently meaningless words he turned to the shaken Boyle and, taking his arm, began to walk him up and down in the moonlight, talking in low tones.
"I sent Boyle off with Travers," observed Fisher, carelessly; "he'll look after him, and he'd better have some sleep, anyhow."
After looking at some of the plates they went out, it would seem, rather abruptly, on to the links, and walked toward the old well; and while Boyle was looking into it he heard a thud behind him, and turned round to find the general lying as we found him.
I don't know how far it went, but it went as far as concealment, anyhow; for when Lady Hastings spoke to Boyle it was to tell him she had hidden a note in the Budge book in the library.
While his back was turned, and Boyle was pretending to examine the bookstand, he was left alone with the coffee cup.
"He was a deal bitterer against the general than Boyle ever was," observed Horne Fisher, with a curious indifference.
"This is where Boyle looked for Budge, or pretended to look for him, according to your account," he said.
But it was not done while Boyle was looking at the revolving bookcase.
"That was what Boyle did; he barely touched the thing, and it went round as elasily as the world goes round.
"It is very simple," said Fisher, "when Boyle straightened himself from his stooping posture, something had happened which he had not noticed, which his enemy had not noticed, which nobody had noticed.
A born fool would have the sense to do it, and Boyle is not a born fool.
Half an hour later Fisher was again walking to and fro in front of the clubhouse, with Captain Boyle, the latter by this time with a very buffeted and bewildered air; perhaps a sadder and a wiser man.