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Synonyms for boyfriend

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Synonyms for boyfriend

a man who is the favored companion of a woman


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Synonyms for boyfriend

a man who is the lover of a girl or young woman

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Boyfriend Trainer, developed by the Mumbai-based company Games2Win, also lets users punish their boyfriends if they eye another woman.
Celebrities Jessica Biel, Gwyneth Paltrow and Vanessa Hudgens are all big fans of their retro blazers, which could have come straight out of their famous boyfriends' wardrobes.
Compared with girls desiring pregnancy or ambivalent about it, girls wishing to avoid pregnancy were more likely to be in school, to live with both parents, to be non-Hispanic, and to report that their boyfriends did not want a baby.
"I don't have boyfriend. You'd know I had a boyfriend.
Every girl in my group of friends has got a boyfriend.
For a time no one knew I had a boyfriend. My secrecy had less to do with what others would think than with my struggle to understand how I could be at once a manly army officer and an out gay man.
Xue charges 20 yuan ($3.22) an hour for fake boyfriend services.
Several distraught parents then blackmail the families of the boyfriends and demand unreasonable compensation of up to tens of thousands of ringgit, reports the Star Online.
FORGET asking your best friend if you can borrow her clothes - the latest trend is to raid your boyfriend's wardrobe instead.
I'M 15 and the only one in my group of friends at school who doesn't have a boyfriend.
TWO friends who wanted babies "accidentally" forgot to take the Pill and didn't tell their boyfriends, knowing they would have said no.
Instead he'll be appearing as one of lovelorn mortician David's string of post-police officer boyfriends. "He's the kind of guy who wants a little too much too soon, and David is still in love with the cop, but--well, t don't want to give it all away."