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Synonyms for boycott



Synonyms for boycott

to exclude from normal social or professional activities

Antonyms for boycott

a group's refusal to have commercial dealings with some organization in protest against its policies

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If the Chinese start to talk of a boycot of French goods .
When the Apartheid regime was toppled, cricket could hold its head high and say it played its part by boycot ting South Africa.
Moseley Forum has no right whatever to act against a legitimate political party, much less to openly encourage others to boycot them.
Even such simple things as organizing a consumer boycot (e.
Locals have also threatened to boycot existing superstores in the area - if Lidl is not allowed to set up.
Their threatened, go-it alone, boycot of Sunday's Worthington Cup Final - because of the poor viewing facilities - has led to a complete review of the Millennium Stadium's disabled facilities, plus free tickets for all 300 wheelchair users on Sunday.
000 tons in 1999 following the East timor conflict that caused a boycot agains Indonesian exports and import by Australian workers.