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Synonyms for box office

the amount of money collected as admission, especially to a sporting event


Synonyms for box office

total admission receipts for an entertainment

the office where tickets of admission are sold

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The Kenya`s BoxOffice would be given access to a broad way of movies from comedy, drama and family movies, to horror and fantasy among others.
Roger Gertze said that with BoxOffice, DStv Premium subscribers with an active PVR subscription and a compatible PVR can easily sign up and enjoy Hollywood's best movies.
Smaller concerns such as Altatech and BoxOffice by Design are jockeying for position in this market.
The director who successfully refashioned Liam Neeson into a boxoffice powerhouse with Taken attempts the same trick on Sean Penn who, don't forget, hasn't had a hit in about 10 years.
In the years that followed, authorities behind the festival made boxoffice income of a film as an alldetermining criterion for "best film.
But the lust for cashing in on a boxoffice friendly business model is evidently irresistible.
MultiChoice is postponing the start of the online version of its on-demand movie rental service, BoxOffice, until the first quarter of the next year.
The boxoffice hits came thick and fast - The Ipcress File, Alfie, The Italian Job, Get Carter, The Man Who Would Be King, and A Bridge Too Far.
5%, when compared with the same period the previous year, with boxoffice takings ahead by 8.
French boxoffice share was around 25 per cent and Jurassic Park was far and away the biggest U.
Among the three female- oriented films, Heroine is definitely in most demand considering Kareena enjoys more boxoffice clout currently.