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Synonyms for boxing

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A trainer will help you know what you have to work on." When we expressed amazement over her boxing moves, she grinned.
Marlen Esparza demonstrates her skill and talent as an American Boxing Champion in Power Boxing Workout, a fitness DVD that draws upon boxing moves to provide a full-body fitness experience, from throwing punches to using one's legs for fighting power and strengthening one's core.
"The students were all eager to take part in my workshop and were quick to learn the basic boxing moves I introduced to them.
AMATEUR boxing moves up a gear this week with the start of the National Ambition Boxing Championships.
The three sessions on this title - Intense Cardio Box, Intense Toning and Intense Abs - combine weights and boxing moves with interval training to fight the festive flab, sculpt your body and develop some killer ab muscles.
Just days before his scuffle with a photographer Sunday, Bieber learned some boxing moves from former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson himself.
Apart from the regular boxing moves, the player will also have some dirty tricks in his/her robotic arsenal, with knees to the stomach, and other low-blows allowed.
The following night, the boxing moves to the OCLP Club in Bryntirion.
The 23-year-old Mercury Prize winner revealed the prince, 24, and three friends were doing boxing moves and giving "street handshakes" as they approached the rapper after he performed at the Wireless Festival in London last month.
Upper-body stretching can, as part of a warm up, prepare you for an execise sessioin that can include boxing moves. Trainers say stretching at the end of the session also helps to prevent muscle soreness.
In discussing the boxing moves in the male quartet, she said she wanted a more forceful, weighted attack.
"People told me I was crazy to do the boxing thing," says Shampang, who works out about four times a week at the club, including practicing boxing moves, even if she'll never spar again.
"Don't tell it; write it down," Wolfe remembers advising Santiago-Hudson, whose stories about his boardinghouse family included impressions of everybody from a catatonic Vietnam vet to Ricky, the handsome butch lesbian (Adina Porter) who taught him boxing moves as a kid.
When martial arts expert Billy Blanks decided he wanted to create a new form of exercise called Tae Bo (a combination of aerobics, martial arts, and boxing moves), he decided to try it out on his target market.