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a person on whom another person vents their anger

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an inflated ball or bag that is suspended and punched for training in boxing

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Kickboxing Fitness is a group exercise center focusing on martial arts and boxing bag work and conditioning.
He handed over exercise bikes, a ski-runner and a boxing bag worth more than pounds 1,000.
It is the group's 23rd site and will hold more than 400 state-of-theart pieces of equipment including MATRIX cardiovascular fitness equipment and resistance machines, MyRide+, which is a virtual spin class, a full-sized boxing ring with boxing bags, and a large free weights area.
Mark Ralston, from the club, used the money to buy equipment such as headguards, gloves and boxing bags, for the club which operates from St Mark's Community Church, in Ockerhill, Tipton, and the community centre in the High Street, Princes End, Tipton.
Boxing fans can also see the late, great Dan Donnelly's mummified right arm as well as an array of robes, gloves, boxing bags, prints, photos, paintings and film of Celtic prizefighters.
In addition to standard fitness equipment such as two weight machines, boxing bags, and a treadmill, 10 Green Revolution Technology(TM) enabled stationary bikes will generate electricity to be redirected into Cass' power grid.
In late November 2005 I was a 31-year-old secretary, spending every spare second sparring and fighting out of the Gelligaer amateur boxing gym, hiding from life and releasing my frustration on the boxing bags.
The license covers a variety of equipment including boxing gloves, boxing bags, exercise equipment; weight lifting equipment, free weights, benches, and aerobic and martial arts equipment.
We've moved the snooker tables out and have put up scaffolding to hang the boxing bags from.