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chiefly terrestrial turtle of North America

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Other species observed in the cave entrance or within the cave interior that should be classified as accidentals include American Toad, Western Ratsnake, Common Gartersnake, Snapping Turtle, Eastern Box Turtle, Painted Turtle, and Pond Slider.
Southeast Asian box turtles are deemed "vulnerable" by the same organisation.
Box turtles like moist woodlands, swampy bottom lands, and wet meadows.
Once old enough, it will join the six adult box turtles in the custombuilt Asian turtle breeding room in the zoo's reptile house.
The 1,446 yellow-margined box turtles and 1,180 Asian yellow pond turtles -- both of which are listed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature on its red list of endangered species -- were found inside a container on a vessel in the southern port of Kaohsiung.
Coastguards discovered the 2,626 rare turtles -- 1,180 Asian yellow pond turtles and 1,446 yellow-lined box turtles -- in a container on board a vessel in Kaohsiung, a port in the south of Taiwan, on Saturday.
The US will also present a joint proposal with China on banning trade in rare freshwater box turtles and softshell turtles.
Eastern hognose snakes, wood turtles, eastern box turtles, and marbled and Jefferson salamanders--all species of special concern--can be found here as well.
Box turtles (one is shown in Figure 3) have a very strong homing instinct, and they exhibit strong territorial behavior.
We chose three turtles (spiny softshell turtles, ornate box turtles, and eastern river cooters) as indicator species.
Philippine Wildlife Bureau head Mundita Lim says the pond turtles were confiscated at the Hong Kong airport in February from a Chinese student, along with 13 more common box turtles.
Other animals that show increased reproduction with age include corals, sturgeons, and box turtles.
Among the families are Dermochelyidae: leatherback sea turtles, Emydidae: basking and box turtles, Alligatoridae: alligators and caiman, Gekkonidae: geckos, Corytophanidae: basilisks, and Varanidae: monitors.
Coahuilan box turtles are smaller and less colorful, and are the only aquatic members of the box turtle genus Terrapene.