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any of numerous small tropical fishes having body and head encased in bony plates

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Staff at Birmingham's National Sea Life Centre said the situation arose as the babies shared their tank for the first few weeks of their lives with a shoal of greedy box fish.
We started hand-feeding them to make sure they got enough, and now, even though the box fish have been moved to another tank, the sharks still want their meals hand-delivered.
The 8in sharks were hand-fed in their first weeks after box fish in their tank stole their food.
Reef fish come in an amazing variety of colors and shapes, such as the tube-like trumpet fish, the angular box fish, and the disk-shaped butterfly and angel fish.
PLEA Brit photographer James MY GR-EIGHT CATCH Fisherman Jatmin swims back to his boat clutching the body of a freshly speared octopus THE EEL DEAL Woman offers James part of her catch BEHIND YOU Box fish on the menu IDYLLIC Tribe's home BREATHTAKING Bajau youngsters spend minutes at a time underwater HOLD ON Enal hitches lift off shark